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Hey guys, today I'm going to review on this particular beauty brand called b.liv.

I received a few products from b.liv awhile back and finally have the time pin my thoughts down. I am grateful to be the first few to try their new product!

Well, I can honestly say that I'm someone who is quite lazy. Who really sits down for half an hour just to apply some beauty products on their face? I know I don't. Thank god I'm still young.

B.liv caters to people in their twenty-somethings... LIKE ME! Probably suitable for you too. If you're facing lingering acne from your teenage years, you should try it.

I'm reviewing this product called 'Absolute Matte'.


So what's 'absolute matte'?

It's a clarifying mask with active charcoal sheet! Sounds cool, isn't it? If you're constantly facing oily skin issue, or you've always soak up your oil blotter, then it's time for you to try this mask.

Personally, I do face this particular annoying problem that is... my T zone is too DAMN oily. Plus you guys  do know that I have fringe right? Especially nowadays, my fringe is growing very long and because of my oily forehead, my fringe has to suffer as well. They ended up making my fringe oily too. #gross

Your fringe is half of your face (almost), and if you've an oily forehead, means you will have an oily fringe and nobody likes that!

And have you ever experience your makeup swimming all over your face just because there was too much oil? It's damn annoying!

Anyway, back to main topic-    

Absolute Matte has 3 functions:
1. Oil Control
2. Clarifying
3. Hydrating

Besides controlling your oil, it clarifies and hydrates your skin. Isn't that great? It's good to always keep your skin hydrated, if not we be all looking saggy and wrinkly.

It's not called charcoal mask for nothing you know!

I took off the mask after 15 minutes, and I could feel the difference. My face felt fresher and cooler. It was indeed very refreshing! I touched my skin, and it felt like baby skin. Hehe. Goodbye excess sebum and welcome balanced sebum secretion~

The mask contains Retinyl Palmitate, Zinc Sulfate, and Willow Bark Extract. 

REFRESHED! (Don't mind my panda eyes)

After trying on the masks for a few days, I realized that my skin is no longer that oily anymore! I remembered the days that I would use a few oil blotters just to get rid of those overly shine. However, recently I haven't been using any, which is, obviously, good news. Talking about it, I didn't even know where did my oil blotter went. I went to work today without bringing my oil blotter, thanks to this awesome mask!

And like I said earlier on, I'm a very lazy person. But applying mask is so easy. Just slap it to my face and leave it on for 15 minutes, and it's good enough for my skin to replenish. I'm sure my skin loves me more now, hahaha!


Oh yeah, I received this product as well! And I love this too! It's b.liv's DELUGE ME deep hydrating overnight mask!

I sleep with AC on every night, so sometimes I feel that the AC will take away all my moist from my face. Plus, my sister once told me that keeping my skin hydrated is very important, especially for my age now. 


When I first applied the hydrating overnight mask on my face, I feel that it's very thick. I know some brand have theirs very watery. My basic kaisu instinct tells me the thicker, the better. HAHAHA! No but really, no wonder it stated on the product to only squeeze 5-6 pea sized drops will do. It's good enough, there's no need to squeeze so much. Plus I only did about 3-4 drops, because my face is smaller.

Since it's an overnight mask, there's no need to rinse it off. Ha, isn't that good for the lazy me? Love it!

This is so gonna be my daily routine. It's not much of a hassle and I can still take care of my skin while being lazy. Way to go!


Not only it hydrates my skin, it helps to give life to my face. My face don't look so dull anymore. My face felt smooth, refreshed and hydrated! It works well if you have dry skin. 

Who doesn't want a healthy and natural glowing face?

Love it so much, lemme take more selfie with it~


I'm very pleased with my current skin condition after trying b.liv skincare products. My skin has a better glow and isn't so oily anymore! I didn't get any breakout or allergies after trying on the products though my skin is consider slightly sensitive. I feel that their products suits me quite well. 

(I'm smiling until kinda weird... hahaha)

Their absolute matte masks are out in May, which means you can go purchase it and try it yourself! To find out more, visit B.Liv at their website and like them on Facebook

Right now if you purchase their  in b.gin or b.duo kit, you can get FREE 3 pcs of Absolute Matte Masks!

P/S The masks are available in Sasa outlets across Singapore now! Grab yours today!

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