7 types of guys you should never date

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Hey guys! Today I'm just sharing with you ladies my opinions about guys you probably shouldn't date. Do note that I'm not a dating guru or relationship expert, but it's just my two cents and I feel that most girls would probably agree with me. In fact, I think guys will agree with my points as well. 

Actually, I'm unsure if to list them as 'types' or 'traits', but I'd guess if you're dating a guy that checks off half or more of the pointers I've listed, it's a red flag for you to run for he might break your heart, girls.  

1. He keeps bringing up his ex-girlfriend/Comparing. 

Ladies, you know what I mean right? To those who have been through this rough case in your relationship, I feel you. A dude who likes you wouldn't consistently bring up his ex-girlfriend. One should know what's in the past stays in the past. If so much as he misses her, then he shouldn’t be with you. He is only wasting your youth, energy and love. 

Have you been in a relationship whereby your guy asked you “why can't you be like *ex-girlfriend*” or something along those lines, "I wish you can be a little more like her"? Well, that's a whole lot of bullshit. If you become all sensitive and his excuses were “I was just trying to make our relationship better” or “I feel opened with you that's why I feel like telling you everything” or “she is good at *this* so I wish you could be good in this area too”, then ditch that son of a bitch. (It is damn terrible if he says he prefers his ex-girlfriend blowjob skills than yours, HAHAHA tell him to fuck off.) 

So if your guy is this nutcase, beware! I've had a serious case where the boy I used to date told my best friend he thought I was a good girlfriend, but never the standard his ex-girlfriend was. He told my best friend not to tell me, but she is my BFF, not yours- she screenshot the message and showed me. It was epic ‘cause I told the boy if he wanted me if be more like his ex-girlfriend sure, I'LL be his ex-girlfriend. Having said that I walked off and ignored him.  

2. He has double standards. 

It's simple. It means he wants you to do something, but wouldn't do it for you. NO. I mean it's normal for couples to have double standards to certain things, but I mean like those serious issues. For example, he requests you to stop contacting any of your friends who own a penis, in real life and in the cyber world, but he cannot resists talking to his female classmates; that's both controlling and double standard. If he asks you not to wear sleeveless tops and you request him not to wear his ugly tee when dating with him, but he doesn't do it - ha! Double standards. 

3. He is sensitive towards his feelings, blind towards yours. 

It's similar to self-centered, where he only cares about his feelings, not yours. So if you joke about something and are totally not serious at all, he might get too sensitive and insist you've insulted him and hurt his ego or pride and then he starts to slam his feelings back at you, be it scolding you, insulting you or emotionally blackmailing (“Guilt tripping”) you. Then, when he really hurts your feelings, he comes up with some lame excuses saying he didn't mean it. 

4. He is Self-absorb. 

Similar to point 3, but this around I'm talking about in general, whereby he puts himself first (probably also arrogant, prideful, egoistic). Like if there is an old lady in the train, he will not care less to give up his seat. Or if a car wants to go into his lane, he will not care less to let him, and instead scolds the driver for being stupid or selfish or whatsoever reasons. If he is mean to customer service providers because of his problem, or racist to a certain race just because he dislike their looks, or look down at people who are not highly educated, and/or have a certain status in society, then he is NOT a keeper. 

5. He puts people down with poisons words and/or despicable actions. 

If he is the kind of guy that has a foul mouth and insults people with indiscriminately, ditch him. Think about what would happen if you two get into a fight - he could say lots of crazy, insanely hurtful things and put you down, so low you can't get up. (Sticks and stones can break your bone, but verbal abuse will strangle your soul. Bones mend, but emotional scars never heal) 

6. He is Immature/Childish. 

I don't know about other girls, but I personally hate dealing with boys that act immature. Thank god I didn't date anyone in secondary school, if not I might have died dealing with young boys. 

I dated a 19 years old BOY a long time ago, and he did something super immature. The cashier in 7-11 pissed him off, so he poured the soup of his cup noodles on the doorstep of that 7-11. Even though it was in the middle of the night, I was so angry and embarrassed that I was hanging out with him that night. 

He also said he loved me 45% and his ex-girlfriend 55 % (pointer 1), which is a very immature thing to say. I mean I get it when we were young and daddy/ mommy always asked who do we love more and we would always say 50% daddy 50% mommy just because we are not biased like that, but 45% for current girlfriend and 55% for his ex-girlfriend? That’s just ridiculous. Oh, and he wasn't sorry for that too. 

7. If he dislikes/ Hates your friends 

I cannot take it if the guy I'm dating dislikes my friends, especially those in my clique. If birds of the same feathers flock together, and he doesn't like my closest friends, doesn't that mean he actually dislikes me too? 

Maybe he insults your friends behind their back, to you: "Your best friend look like slut!", "Your girlfriend looks like ah lian", "You friends with Malay? Walao", "Why your friends all so fat", "Why your friend so stupid, study private diploma in Kaplan" etc. If the guy you are dating cannot accept your friends, not to mention doesn't have the balls to be direct and mature about it and try to accept them, the best place for him is not by your side, but behind you. 


So if the guy you're dating has these red flags... Oh well. Sometimes people change for the better, but sometimes they don't. These are the 7 traits of a guy you shouldn’t continue dating. Well, if you're unlucky enough, you get the whole bundle for free, aka 7-in-1 package. I broke a mirror once before, and people say you might get 7 years of bad luck with you. But I guess I cleared them off with this 7-in-1 bundle. Hahahaha! It might hurt to initiate a breakup but it will benefit you in the future. No one needs a person who puts you down constantly and cares for his feelings more than anyone else. It is always better being alone than being with someone that makes you feel like shit. Go date some nice guys and stay away from nutcases of scrubs. (Nice guys approve my post!) 

P/S No names were mentioned in this post, the only people who know my past experience are my closet friends themselves and certain people that were in my life during that time long ago. Anyways, this is a very general blog post, and just nice used some of my own experiences as pointers' examples. Hope you enjoy reading it, and if you agree, please share it and share with me your experiences in the comment section below!

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