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Writer's note:
I wrote this awhile a month and half back and was thinking should I, or should I not publish this. Initially wrote this because I met someone who told me about a bad experience, hence inspired me to write out the following. I kept this post drafted because that person who told me about the experience did not reach me again. I'm now releasing this post as a generic entry, and I will not be revealing the person's name and experience, although I was given permission to at that time. Enjoy.

Sometimes we don't know who we are talking to online. People only show the side they want us to see, and we will never know the "real" them, or ALL sides of them. 

I know there are girls online that are constantly getting asked out by guys (especially influencers or super pretty ones), and as technology advances, the number of cases has increased over the years. 

Having said that, my sole purpose of today's post is to raise awareness on such cases and how girls can react if they find themselves in such situations. 

1. Be careful of whom you give your number to

I know we are said to be friendly but sometimes guys may not understand the thin line between friendly and you want his D. 

When I was younger, I would just put my cellphone number on my social network platforms. I highly recommend not doing this - I received a lot of calls and spams. I later removed it, but would give my number to people who wanted to befriend me. Now that I'm older, I've learned to only give my number to people I have met in real life. If I actually want to meet someone from online, I would ask them to contact me via Facebook message. 

2. State your grounds properly 

Stand by what you think/believe. If a guy asks you out on a date and if you're not interested, but as an outing (“just friends”), sure, why not? 

I'm sure if he asked you out on a date, he would first ask you if you've a boyfriend. If you're not interested, you could lie and say you have one, or you could be downright honest and tell him you're single but unavailable. And if he still continues to ask you out, just ignore him. Sooner later he would stop. Nobody will continue to knock on an empty house. 

But if he only wants to have a pure platonic friendship, he would have say so when he decides to ask you out. E.g hey, don't mind being friends and just chill at a coffee house? If you reject him because you thought he was asking out on a date, he would immediately clarify and say not a date, purely an outing. (But then again, he might have a hidden agenda - who knows?) 

3. Do a background check 

Who is he? Has your friend been asked out by him too? Has this guy been asking a lot of other girls out too? Why doesn't he have a profile picture? Why does he look like he could be your younger brother? Why in the world is an old man talking to you over private message?

  •  Find out about him online. 
  •  Ask your friends do they know him. 
  •  Ask yourself if you wanna meet this stranger in real life, alone or in a group.
Maybe you've seen him at events or at parties, but if you're uncertain about meeting him alone, my advice would be to reject him. Or if your curiosity is killing your vibe, then I would suggest you to bring a friend. Or two friends, or a group of friends... And make him feel awkward!


In a nutshell, girls should be careful of who they are talking to online and learn to protect themselves. And if you're a guy and you're reading this, this can save you from meeting pedophiles and getting your ass rape. You're welcome! *little bow*

I'm not talking about those guys who demand you to show them your tits or send you dick pics. Those are the ones you can easily identify as threat and block them straight away. The scarier ones are those who look and/or sound decent, so it's hard to differentiate them from the actual decent guys. Who knows one day you decided to meet up with a guy and he is psychotic or likes to keep his ex-girlfriends’ panties under his bed or something worse?

P/S this post is to create awareness and let young girls know the danger of internet. You know nobody knows who's behind that other PC... I hope a cute puppy would PM me and ask me out. Hahaha just kidding.

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  1. Well written post dear! I've encountered such experienced as well. Out of the blue some pervert kept on spamming me in all of my social networks. I did not give him my number. I changed it many times already but somehow he can still find me. It's really scary! This has been going on for years now. Sometimes our friends betray us as well by simply giving out our numbers without our permission.

    1. Thank you! If it has been going on for years, you should make a police report. Best is to inform all your friends to not give out your numbers without permission. My friends would always check with me if someone wants my number. Make sure to remove your contact details from all social media platforms too. X