J7 Image Giveaway!

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Hey guys! How are you all doing? Recently I've been dreaming nonstop, and they're not really all good dreams.

Anyways- today I'm sharing with you a piece of good news! (Below, below!)

I went down to J7 Image to do my graduation hair, and here are some photos!


If you haven't seen my previous posts on them, you can click here and here!

I really like the makeup I did that day!


Le waiting for ma turn~



Yay, I love curls~

J7 Image really have a bunch of professional and friendly staff. You can chit-chat with them about anything. Oh, and if you get hungry during your session, you can always order food in to dine. I woke up super early that day to do my makeup and rushed out already because we were supposed to register for graduation around 3 plus. Hence I was so rushed so I didn't even get to have breakfast and lunch. Thank god J7 Image allows people to dine in their salon.

It is so great because they've a menu of stalls that delivers to their Salon. We could pick the food we want and just ring them to deliver to J7 Image. Far East Plaza has a few quite decent food. It was great because I wouldn't need to attend my graduation with an empty stomach. Great service!

Anyways- since you guys are so nice to read my entire long, lemme cut it short and tell you the good news!

I'm having a mini giveaway and YOU can stand a chance of winning it! If you wanna try out J7 Image's services, here's your chance! I'm giving away FIVE J7 Image $50 cash vouchers, so all you need to do is simply LIKE and SHARE and COMMENT on my Facebook Status with your NAME AND EMAIL!

That's so simply isn't it? The giveaway ends on 5th July 2014. So hurry up! 

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