Review: Asience Intensive Treatment Hair Mask

by - 7:04 AM

Hey guys! So I'm reviewing a new hair product, Asience Intensive Treatment Hair Mask!

Pardon me for my pale face, was sick for weeks!

Asience Intensive Treatment Hair Mask is said to be able to intensively moisturize and heal hair, repair it from inside-out for smooth and soft effect that last up to 96 hours with one application. 

Before trying I was thinking who the hell won't wash their hair for the next 96 hours? Not the actual point, I know, but still~

So this is hair BEFORE applying~

Ya, my hair was never really in good shape. NEVER.

But it's not that frizzy, prolly 'cause I went to get my hair cut a week ago!

That's why my split ends ain't that serious looking here.

Still, you get my point right?

Tada! Hair mask!

So I applied from the mid-section of my hair all the way down (which isn't a lot way down), and waited for 5 minutes before washing them off, just like what it was written on the product. 

Personally I find the floral fragrance kinda nice. It's not very strong so it's not very obvious. Though I wish the smell could be a little stronger. It's quite subtle so if you are like hair cray cray, or too bored at home, you can take your hair and smell. LOL!!

For me, I think it worked kinda fine. I was impressed that the effect could last till quite long. My hair has been smoother, but then again my hair isn't kinda seriously spoiled. So to those who are constantly bleaching you hair, this might have too little to no effect on you. (Well, so please apply it for more than 5 minutes and more times a week)

I'd say that when it comes to moisturizing, it does helps a lot. But for healing hair else, I think it's pretty normal. (Then again, I'm not facing too serious damaged hair compared to those who bleach their hair.)

But this hair mask is good 'cause it's cater for Asians, you and I!

I like Asience Intensive Treatment Hair Mask for its moisturizing and softening. I've never do any crazy stuff on my hair, except cutting it to the shortest length possible for a female and layering it like ahlian, and all other kinds of crazy cutting stuff, so for repairing wise, I think it's good enough for me. My hair is not badly damaged so I can only judge it based on my own hair. But I feel like my hair doesn't tangle up much after using it, which is like super awesome!

After applying Asience Intensive Treatment Hair Mask


With flash, gosh- you can see my frizzy hair, but I swear the hair mask saved me already. (But I know I shouldn't whine too much compared to those who constantly bleaching their hair :x)

You can redeem you very own FREE Asience Intensive Treatment Hair Mask sample! Go go! It's free anyway! And if you would like to purchase one, you can go down to your nearest NTUC, Cold Storage, or Sheng Siong, available from June onward! Retail price at S$18.90 for 180 grams tub, which I think it's quite affordable. Do you wanna save your hair?! 

It's usually recommended to use twice a week, but if you face extremely dry and damaged hair- I guess you should apply it longer and more times- like 4 times a week? Lemme know if it works for you! 



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