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Hey guys! So I've decided to explore some cafes, and I went to this newly opened cafe called, 'Brew Maison'. Brew Maison is a new cafe that is inspired by Japanese and Korean style. It's a lovely cafe, love the looks of it because it's blue!

I went around early afternoon, so there wasn't much crowd. Yes, thank god. There were a few people, but not rowdy even though there were kids.


I was welcomed by this little fella- alpaca!!! So cute, so fluffy I'm going to die! I'm in love with these creatures, got two at home as well. One was caught at those toy machines in Plaza Singapura during last year's Xmas. 


Test run camera before shooting food photos. Love how the last photo came out. I have this liking for blurring things in front and just focus on things at the background. 


Love how Brew Maison kinda adopt the Astons way of handing orders. I know there are many other resturants doing this, but my first encounter was in Astons so since then, I would always called this the Astons-thingy. So basically you can return back to your table to chill until your order is ready. This little fella will ring and the only way to shut this thing up is to take it back to the counter, whereby your food will be ready to serve.

Peaceful lunch hour, families with kids were there to enjoy their family bonding. 

Food are ready!


What's the point of going to a cafe if you don't order a drink? No worries, I'm not a glutton, this wasn't all for me. So what do we have here? Teriyaki chicken pasta, potato salad, hot chocolate and Frappuccino. 



The salad was actually delicious. I like the sauce they used, not sure what was the sauce used but it tastes great. Sadly I was not the one that ordered this, though managed to steal a little to eat. 


Personally I feel that the pasta was quite normal. I don't think it's very appealing. Like I can make better pasta, no offence. Cook the pasta, fry the chicken fillet and pour the warm teriyaki sauce. Then again, it's not their USP anyway. 


Hot chocolate was a disappointment. The chocolate was not rich enough and the heat was not there. Usually people would expect hot chocolate drink to be super hot and rich in chocolate. So I was quite sad, should have order a latte or something else. But their Frappuccino is a must try! 


Their ice cream sandwich was quite good. It was small but it was a birthday present for my friend and I stole a few bites. Hahaha!

IMG_1481 - Copy

I like Brew Maison's ambience, wallpaper and their furniture. I like how they matched the colors of pale blue and white together. It gives off a very relaxing feeling, makes one feel like spending their lazy Sunday afternoon in there. Their sofa- comfy. I was there early so there were a few sofa tables available. Love it! Well, the USP of Brew Maison is probably their 3D latte art which was not available that day. You can check their available dates at their Facebook Page. Their Frappuccino was lovely, comparable to other cafes outside. I didn't stay there for long, but for those of you who will be driving there, the first hour parking is free. 

As a newly opened cafe, Brew Maison has already created some brand awareness here and there. There are many other reviews on their Facebook Page. It's great that a cafe has their own unique selling point, but I was really hoping they could offer their 3D latte art more available days so people won't be rushing in on a particular day and the next day the crowd cuts half. The person who served me was quite nice. 

383 Bukit Timah Rd, #01-9B, 
Alocassia Apartments, Singapore

Took some other random photos on the way back home! Clouds, pretty cloud.


Till then, stay anticipated!


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