Review: Triple Dry Anti-perspirant Roll On

by - 8:53 AM


Hey guys! Today I'm reviewing a product called 'Triple Dry Anti-antiperspirant Roll On'! It's made in UK and said to have advanced protection that last for 72 hours!


So they have two types, one is with fresh fragrance and one without. Ladies will love the pink one because the fragrance is really nice, and you don't have to worry that you're gonna sweat and mix with the smell and be all gross. No, it won't happen. 

When I tried it, it really works! I mean c'mon, it's so hot in Singapore and you don't want your armpits to be all gross and shit right? Or have like a patch of sweat there, gross!


As it stated that it can last up to 72 hours, it got me wondering that who in the world doesn't bathe or shower for 72 hours? Then I realized that it has a waterproof formula that allows you to shower or swim without reapplying. Wow, isn't that amazing? Lazy people can get it too! Hahaha!

After trying it, I think it really works! So I highly recommend it to the rest of you!


Oh ya, just in case you are worry about skin sensitivity- no worries, the ingredients are all very suitable for sensitive skin!


You can get them for S$15.90/50ml and you can get them in any guardian stores! Then again, you can get a retail-sized sample by clicking here! It's FREE!

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