Taylor Swift cancelled her 'Red' Concert in Thailand

by - 7:23 AM

So I heard Taylor Swift cancelled her concert in Thailand last week. This must be damn sad for those Taylor Swift's fans in Thailand. I mean I know there are serious issues there, so ain't nobody got time for music and leisure. But sometimes we do need a little music in our lives right?

Anyway, this coming Monday everyone in Thailand can go home and sleep because Taylor won't be there. Well, at least they are able to refund the tickets, good enough.  

Indeed political unrest can cause a lot of problems. Cancelling concert is just a small issue; tourism has been affected quite badly. Nobody really wants to get caught between any fights, right? I heard there are curfews set on certain parts of Thailand too.

On a brighter side, I'm glad Taylor cancelled her concert because her concert 'Red' might anger the Yellow Shirts. LOLOL.

But she's so nice, she tweets to her Thailand fans saying she, too, is sad that her concert was cancelled. So sweet!
Well... I just hope all these will soon be over.

And if you're visiting Thailand, please don't, DON'T, do the hunger games salute or you might just get arrested. No, Thailand is not having a game, but that sign symbolizes rebellion. You can read it more here~

Be safe everyone!

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