A little boost, a little update

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Hey guys! So this is a super throw back post. I was invited to TIN's monthly boost party for the month of May. I know, it was super long time ago, two months back. This is just gonna be a super short update, so I will not drown you guys with words.

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With all the bloggers!

With Tricia

With Tricia and Shanice

I realized that I looked like a frigging kid next to the two ladies. Well, just to say- I'm petite so it makes me looked more like a kid than ever. And yes, they did bend down to take the shots. *cries*

It's great meeting new people and making new friends. Recently I've been staying at home, like since forever. It's like whenever I am going, it's probably a need. Need to head out to work. Need to head out to buy something. Need to head out to attend events or for meetups. And whenever I go out, I feel like my energy has been taken up pretty quickly. Just last week I went out nearby to catch a late afternoon movie, and right after it ended, I found myself pulling myself home because I was THAT tired. Isn't it weird? I know I've always been an extrovert, but I'm kinda mix. As in I'm fifty-something percent of an extrovert, and forty-something percent of an introvert. I guess it probably has switched places.

So whenever I go for events or meetups, I tend to be super quiet. NOT because I'm anti-social, but I'm just super quiet. I was never a person that initials a conversation too. Well, I tried it many times and the conversation will always end awkwardly. Embrace my home-girl self as I stay at home watch dramas, animes and tumblr. I'm such an extreme person. The friends I met during club scenes/clubbing period would probably laugh at me and ask me stop faking it. They be like, 'since when you're quiet and shy?'. HAHAHA! Oh well. 

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