Cafe Hunting, again!

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Hey guys! How's it going? Well, like I said a week before, I injured myself so I wasn't really in the mood to blog and hence MIA for a week. Still sick, but recovering (I hope). Little updates about my life, been feeling kinda down lately and I dragged to go anywhere. Probably because I started watching anime again, and I become a total fan girl again. I would rush home and watch anime nonstop. Which explains why I've been staying at home for super long and really don't wanna go anywhere else. Please comment below and lemme know which anime I should watch!!

I watched Kaichou wa Maid sama again for like a 384275 times, nonetheless, Usui always makes me so happy!!! Oh ya, so I kinda like these kind of anime but I like action kind too. I finished watching Blade and Soul too. Then I realized it was a Korean game extract or something like that. I'm currently watching Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai and still recovering from the pain of finishing my Kaichou wa Maid same. *cries* Every single time I finished watching this anime, my heart died a little. Why isn't there a season 2?! *screams*

Okay, back to the main topic of this post. I went to Ice Edge Cafe, like, a month back with BFF Brendon. So here are some photos and stuffs.

(This is the dessert we ordered!)







So we ordered salad and pasta and it tasted great! I would say the portion is kinda... small? But then again, maybe I eat a lot and I was hungry that day? Haha! Who knows? 



The dessert was awesome. *steals all the ice cream* I like how they insert their cafe name on there. So pretty! 

Overall, the cafe was quite crowded, but we were still able to get seated quickly. It was Father's Day that day, I think, so there were tons of family coming in with their Dad. Brendon and I always thought this cafe would be less crowded compared to Lola's, but we were surprised there were still so many people. Oh ya, we saw our ex-classmate there as well.

While we were waiting for our food, I kinda took some photos... of Brendon. Hahaha!


Then he got slightly pissed off and started moving around and we ended with weird product of this...



It was damn funny so we ended up taking a lot photos, but I'm just gonna put two or else he might kill me. (Oh right, enjoy your trip in Hong Kong, please buy something cute for me!) This happens when your friends always travel and you're stuck in Singapore forever. Receiving but not giving is kinda a thing, HA HA HA!! But damn, I wanna travel around the world too! He has been to places I've always wanted to go... like AMERICA!!!! Dammit. NEW ORLEANS BITCH PLEASE! AND NEW YORK!!!

Oh ya, speaking of going to new places, if you want to go to Ice Edge Cafe, I will drop the address below! See ya next time!!

2 Kovan Rd, Singapore 548008
6858 5729

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