College girl accidentally sent her nude to her dad

by - 1:43 AM

Hey guys! So I took a day off from work today as I was feeling super unwell and bloated. I heard Germany won the World Cup, that's great! I was rooting for them to win anyway.

Today is kinda a random post. I was reading blogs and twitter online and I found something which was super ridiculous and funny as hell.

Technology has come to a point whereby it has become so advance that people are actually abusing it without even knowing it. If you're one of them, I hope you can take this girl as a lesson and hope it won't ever happen to you.

A Twitterian @dearfashionn sent her nude photo to her dad. Here's what she said:

Just for laughs. She became Internet sensation, everyone is Retweeting her tweets, and news about her are everywhere. 

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