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Hey guys! I'm back with a piece of good and bad news. Bad news, I injured myself. If you read my Facebook, you may know that I scalded myself pretty serious with hot water. It was pretty serious that I think it might leave scars. It's okay, whenever I've terrible looking scars, I would always tell myself it's a battle mark, to show that I'm a grownass (wo)man right now! Le sigh, I hope I can get well soon.

Good news, I've a great app to introduce you... Are you on tight budget? Are you sick and tired of having to find places in Singapore to spend your weekends away? Are you fed up of always trying to plan an outing because your shitty friends threw all these decision making to you alone?

'Singapore Maps' is a directory app that helps you get directions by car, taxi, bus or MRT. It's available for both Apple and Android App Store.

So why did I say this is a great app? Simply because there's this function called, 'Offers Near You' whereby the app will tell you if there are any offers around you! Isn't it cool?

Like I said, basically it's a app that guides you whenever you need! Not only that, you can download Singapore Map to your phone and use it offline. So let's say you're at a location without wifi, or terrible Internet connect (e.g. Serangoon MRT, or am I the only one with bad connection there?), and you're in need to find the place you want to go. With the offline map, you can easily find your way to your destination! 

By now you would think it's basically Maps with Iris (bus arrival timings) and an offline map. But that's not the end. Like I said, there's this great deal whereby the app will locate where you are and let you know the offers around you! 

So now you can see that I'm at North-east area, and the app will immediately find the nearest offers around me and lemme know where to get the best deals! It's super cool because if you're going out with your friends, this app gives you an idea what to do on that Saturday afternoon! Even better if you and your friends are going on an budget, Offers Near You helps to provide cheap deals, so you wouldn't need to call off your outing just because you're broke. 

And here, you can see that Coslab is having an offer on anti-stress back massage at $38! Grab your girlfriends and head down for a relaxing afternoon. It's cool to not have to plan your date but simply with the swipe of this app, you can easily decide where to go and what to do! (Psst, you can calculate your budget and minimize your spending too!)

 This is unlike those cheap and stupid deals, as right now there are even some awesome deals like 1-for-1 abalone seafood laska at Chin Swee Road and 1-for-1 ice cream in Bedok. So if you stay around these areas, good for you!

But I know some of your might not want because despite having to grab such good deal, you have to explain to your friends everything. Isn't it troublesome? No worries, this app allows you to SMS or Email your friends about it. (Especially when you're at work or in school- don't let your boss or teacher catches you surfing on phone, with a tap, you can mass send it to your clique!)

It's so simple, isn't it?

After downloading the app, I wanted to try it out for myself. But I ended up injuring myself (accidentally). So I have to nurse myself back health. Will be back writing and posting more pictures, but as for today, I apologize by sharing with you guys such an awesome app!

So I suggest you better grab your smartphone and start downloading this app. It's like everything you need, all-in-1 app, which consist of Singapore Map, bus arrival timing, directions and travel details and great deals everywhere around you! So I mark this app as a must have! (Psst, especially if your date really suck and you gotta rely on yourself to make it interesting... and budget) Even so, LE APP HELPS YOU SAVE MONEY!!! How sweet is that! Go la go la, go download, don't need wait already uh! Wait for what sia! *Singaporean Kiasu accent* 

I found this 1 for 1 ice cream offer and wanted to go, but I guess that have to wait until I'm back on full health bar. Le sigh, poor Angelus- why must you be so unlucky?! #PrayforAngelus 

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