Graduation lo!

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Hi guys, finally I have time to edit my graduation photos. Not much, because I ended up picking from the already few photos. Super grateful for my loved ones to turn up for my graduation. Many thanks to Jeslyn for being the camera woman and graciously helping to snap photos of me and my classmates. I bought my camera along but have no idea why I ended up taking all my photos with my iPhone instead. So all photos are taken with iPhone 5S camera, still, I find the quality manageable. If I can edit my photos with that quality, please don't say it's that lousy. Well, compared to a DSLR... Well, nobody asks you to compare! Hahaha.


My makeup for the day was quite a hard work. Honestly I don't even know how I managed to do it within an hour. Thank god I managed to pull off that almost Korean eyebrow look. Jeslyn approves of that eyebrow! The eye shadow used was different shades of brown because I don't want (don't dare) to use colorful eye shadow. I can only pull off brown and black eye shadows, sobs. 


Thanks Ms Chee, for being my PEM for 2 years of my Poly life. Though she was always busy, she would still make effort to visit us after our classes, and post articles about HRM on our FB group page. I was surprised she actually remembers my name and knew I always work part-time. Sometimes when I visit her at her office, she would ask if I was still working and remind me not to overwork or neglect studies. Well, I've never been a student that makes much impression on teachers, especially good impression, so I was really surprised when a teacher knows my name. (For the fact that my secondary school teachers knew my name was probably because I was also very mischievous.)


Thanks Mr Eugene for teaching us HBO and IHRM. He always makes the class very entertaining and still be able to teach us what we need to know for exams. Lessons were make enjoyable because of him. I was the module rep for his IHRM and basically didn't do much at all. Yay for CCA Points! I'm forever called 'Pokemon' by him after wearing that Pikachu hoodie to his tutorials. 

I actually like my SOQM tutor but I didn't see her around, so I didn't snap photo with her. She was super friendly and every time I saw her in school we would hug each other. Hahahah! Also the fact that I kept bugging her for help last minute because I don't understand a lot of things. #ohwell




Photos with my classmates! Everyone has been my classmates for 3 entire years, except for Ming Chuen and Kelvin (1 year). Lemme do a super brief thank-you-note here. To the ones that helped me with my projects, thank you so much! Especially when I face project datelines and my project group had zero elites inside- thank you to those friendly elites from other group that helped me and didn't thrash me like shit. Thanks to friends from different specialization that gave me your reports because you have taken the module last semester.

Oh ya, also thanks to MC for helping me with my Marketing ICA2 Report because I did the report a day before the presentation. (I totally forgotten about it) Thanks for borrowing your PPT template to use during that 1 hour break because that was the last hour before my Marketing PPT and I haven't even start on my PPT. Phew! 2 more marks to get an A. I was so close!!!

Photo with David, thanks for always entertaining the class or it would be super boring without you.


And to MH, for TEP period would be super boring without you! (Of course without Jasmine too!) Thanks for the consistent reminder that I'm fat. When I go over Malaysia, please play host and tell me where are the loklok vans are okay?


All the best to potential famous actor, Jereld, please don't forget me once you're super famous. Hahaha! Technically we are standing on the red carpet in the photo. HAHAHAH! WHUT. To the times when I cramped for exams and stayed up all night and saw you online doing last minute mugging in FB and Twitter too. HAHAHA!


Thanks BFF for coming down. "Kids, during your mom's graduation, your Aunt Jeslyn brought funeral flowers to give me." This will be what I'm going to tell my kids if I ever have kids. Le so inspired from HIMYM. 



That marks the end of my Poly life, but it is just one milestone out of many others in life, so hopefully I have one more graduation to come... *pray hard* HAHAHHAA!!

So I was watching corpse party tortured souls OVA and now I'm watching Hitsugi NO Chaika, so I'm ending off this post now! Nights y'all. 

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