Review: Bioessence Tanaka White 4x Intensive White Serum

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Hi guys! Two weeks ago I received the new Bioessence Tanaka White 4x Intensive White Serum and Double Whitening Day Cream. I was so busy working that I haven't got time to write about it until today. So when I say 4x Intensive White Serum, it might give you some ideas what it could do, but I'll tell you more about its magic.

Fun fact: Tanaka means both "cosmetic for beautifying the face" and "cleansing agent". It is recognized as a great aid to help withstand the heat of the sun and is thus an ideal cosmetic for those who have to work under direct sunlight. Women who work outdoor apply thick layers of Tanaka as a sunscreen to prevent sun-burn while its natural cooling properties help them tolerate the intense heat during the day.


Maybe you've seen this somewhere, (of course you have, Linda Chung is like so pretty!!!!) this is the newly improved formula, specially blended with traditional and modern ingredients. There are FOUR whitening ingredients, Alpha Arbutin , Tanaka extract, Kojic Acid and Tranexamic Acid. So say goodbye to dark spots and hello to pearl white skin! 

Bio-essence discovered that the two main reasons behind dark spots formation, freckles and age spots. External factors such as being exposed to the sun and harsh elements which would cause skin to be dry and dull, which increases melanin activity in the skin, thus leading to the formation of dark spots and freckles. The internal problem of existing pigments and spots that are embedded deep within the skin that cannot be treated and prevented with any amount of sunblock. 

No wonder my skin has always been dull and uneven tone. I have always been applying a lot of masks, trying to make my face less dull. I guess now I wouldn't need to worry so much since I have my own 4x Intensive White Serum. I feel that my skin has always been uneven, probably because I used to have fringe and whenever I go out, I have never apply sunscreen at all. So the fringe covered my forehead, hence my forehead is fairer than the rest of my face. But since my fringe has outgrown and I don't have the intention of cutting my fringe until impulsive me takes control over my body, my obvious uneven skin tone has never been more exposed. Le worries. But I'm glad I have the whitening day cream as well. So far it doesn't show super big different just yet, but it's worth a try. I mean, why not? Shall monitor my face and see if it helps or not in long run!


Tanaka White helps to whiten the dark spots and pigments on your face, prevents any new dark spots, reduce darkening after UV exposure, even out skin tone, whiten and brighten complexion, moisturize and cool skin. Just apply twice a day and soon you will get a radiance looking complexion! 


Double Whitening Day Cream also has the effect on whitening dark spots and pigments. Apart from that, it also contains SPF 20 to protect our skin from harmful UV rays. It also moisturizes the skin so to keep skin cool under hot weather. Singapore is definetely listed under hot weather. How about SUPER hot weather? Of course our skin need protection too! We don't wanna age to quickly isn't it?

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  • Bio-essence Tanaka White 4X Intensive White Serum - $45.80 / 30ml
  • Bio-essence Tanaka White Double Whitening Day Cream SPF 20 - $29.80 / 50g

You can get them from stores like Watsons, Guardian NTUC Fairprice, personal beauty stores and major supermarkets, and Sasa outlets.


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