Review: Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa

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Hi guys! Monday Blues are so terrible especially when you're working. Damn, I was looking out of my office window this morning, and as if it's not depressing enough, it was pouring rain. Thank god my Monday is over soon. But it means that Tuesday is coming and that means going back to office. Life of an adult. Alright, I'm going to jump straight to my post. Gotta finish up and wash up... then watch my G.O.T. Life sucks when you have not much dramas to watch. That feeling- you don't want to start a new drama because you'll have more dramas to catch, but with the current season break, one has to watch new series. It's unbearable to live an office life without drama. No wonder I see so many office people taking their tablets, watching their Korean shows every where they go. Literally every where. In the MRT, walking, eating and probably shitting. 

Before I drift off to rant about anything and everything...

Last month I went to this particular place I have always wanted to visit since its opening. It opened last year December and because of my last Poly lap, I didn't manage to go. Even after graduated, I've been pushing my schedule back because of work.

So I finally spend an hour at this lovely place. I know many of you might already been there but I still want to upload some photos I took that day. Here's to all the cat lovers like me. I adore cats, a lot. I wish I could own like twenty cats so I could live happily ever after. 

Neko No Niwa! Cat lovers' heaven!











Caught in act!


Aww so cute!



So furry! 

I went there in the morning and the cats were kinda sleepy, but there was one super active and was running everywhere. I like the white cat, don't you think she looked elegant? I didn't try the food there but it was fun to watch these cute cats.

The place is quiet, or at least when I went. Most of the cats were sleeping so I guess everyone didn't want to wake them up. There were many people there taking selfies with the cats. The cats have probably get used to different humans visiting them everyday, so they were not afraid to walk around or play with. It was quite an experience, especially for someone who never own a cat. If you're heading there, probably should call and ask which hours their cats are more active so you can play with them. 

54A Boat Quay (Level 2)
Singapore 049843

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