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Hey all! So a while back I went to this makeup workshop. Been wanting to write about it, but the amount of time spend at work is too darn high.

Anyways, I signed up for this Korean look makeup 1-day workshop. I was very lucky because the time slot I picked happened to be an individual workshop! More time focus on me then!

I met Joey, who is a super friendly and helpful, and she taught me about Korean makeup. Not just makeup, but she went through the entire routine of applying skin care products to makeup itself and to removing of makeup.

So this kinda prolly scare the shit out of you, but here is the before and after photos!

Adds specs to look more teacher feel. #wut

It was fun to learn, the class isn't boring and I learned a lot too! I learned to remove my makeup the correct way too. Joey is very patience in teaching as well. She told me a lot about her company and her life before switching to beauty line. She showed me a photo of her old self, which I don't believe. She looked so young right now! She has talks and she held many classes to the public and even to other bloggers as well. 

Le me trying to apply what Joey taught

Le me and Joey!

Do check out her WordPress and if you're interested, there is an upcoming class on grooming workshop + Korean day makeup look workshop, where she will be covering the importance of image, your style personality, wearing colors with confidence and dress for success. It will be on 18th July, 7pm - 9pm.

Style Essential Inc.
261 Waterloo Street, Waterloo Centre 
Singapore 180261



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