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Hey guys! Last month I was invited by TIN x Domino's Pizza to attend a Behind the Scene at Domino's Pizza Kovan outlet. The main objective was to show us how fun it was to work at a pizza place. It was indeed very fun. Not only we get to make our own pizza, Domino's made a lot of goodies for us to dine as well! It was such an interesting and fun experience for me; really grateful for the invitation.


Background of Domino's Pizza
Everyone knows Domino's Pizza and most of us probably have ordered it to our homes for few times. But did you know the history of their success? Domino's was founded in 1960, has franchised stores throughout United States and more than 65 international markets.

As everyone probably know, Domino's have this 30 minutes delivery guarantee / 15 minutes takeout guarantee. This is in fact one of their USP. 

Just so happened that I ordered Domino's Pizza last night and they told me they will be late so when they arrived, they give me an extra pizza coupon for my next pizza delivery. This also means that they really focus on achieving the best for customers. What's the point of saying you will do it when you can't and still don't made up for customers? Hence, if Domino's was to deliver its pizza late, they will provide extra pizza for us!


I was kinda slightly late because I have to travel down after work. By the time I reached, there were other bloggers already there and happily chit-chatting away.


The manager was telling us more about Domino's and explained why working at pizza chain is a great experience. We all know that salary is just part of the entire working experience. Salary is just a hygiene factor. To greatly motive employees, by targeting solely on salary isn't the way. In order to increase employees' motivation, we look into employee benefits

Of course in every company, there will be employee benefits. However, what makes a potential candidate pick your company instead of others will be the employee benefits you provide. Besides the typical 13th month bonus with performance bonuses, medical benefits, employee work insurance, flexible working hours, attendance and punctuality incentives, referral incentives, Domino's launched an incentive program called the 'Rolex Challenge'

The rewards include a specially customized Domino's stainless steel Rolex watch, which costs USD 2,000. It will be rewarded to the store managers who are able to complete 4 weeks of sales above the fixed appropriate targets, as well as achieving outstanding performance through evaluation reports. 

Hence, with such attractive rewards, it encourages employees to work even harder. Besides learning pizza-making technical skills, you will also learn teamwork, business, and management skills. 

Domino's Pizza Singapore and Malaysian received the 'HR Asia Best Companies to work for in Asia 2013' award. Wow, that's a very good achievement. That would means that Domino's actually cares for their employees and are not some kind of don't-give-a-damn people who just want you to work until you die for them. Uh uh. 

Anyways, words aside- here are some photos taken. Foodie time!






This is their new meatball! Meatball lovers, it's time to add this to your pizza delivery menu now!

More pizzas!



So everyone was eating their food and chatting and I realized that William was always walking around and pouring us drinks. Thanks William! Hahaha! 


IMG_1909 - Copy

Okay, so this is the best part of the entire dinner. (At least, it was for me!) I was super full from all the pizzas... then suddenly this delicious lava cake came out of nowhere (not literally), and I was thinking- should I bring this home to eat instead? I'm so full! But then, being a foodie, I tasted a bite and suddenly the entire lava cake was in my stomach. Wow! *Side track, I ordered the lava cake for delivery last night too! And now I'm having Oreo cheesecake from Starbucks for breakfast, I'm getting fat!*

With fellow blogger!

Then, it was time to personalize our pizza time! While waiting for our turn, we began taking selfies and photos here and there and everywhere.

Le blogger, Serene was happily posing as well.

This was my #kootd, Kitchen outfit of the day. 

Tada! My pizza!

Sex appeal is here okay!

Close up!

Hahaha! It was damn nice making my own pizza. Domino's has their own records, one of the staffs was able to finish making one pizza within 2 minutes. How amazing right! Of course, I took my own sweet time making. It gotta look, smell and taste perfect okay!

I shall hereby called my pizza 'Angelus's All-In Pizza'! All-in is like you know those gambling movies, where they throw all their remaining chips/tokens and bet their entire family tree's saving blah blah blah. Ya, because I basically throw all the topping ingredients on top of my pizza. Hahahaha!

It's not too shabby alright! I asked one of the staffs to rate my pizza, "So is my pizza an A?" He was like, "No, not A. A+!" Hahahaha! Thank you thank you! *little bow*

Selfie with my pizza!

With le blogger, Joyce

A group photo with other bloggers. I swear le blogger HP looked like the boss and the rest of us girls looked like we were legit workers HAHAHA!

Okay, I look better without the hairnet.
A group shot with all the fellow bloggers for that day! (and the Domino's staffs of course)

So I'm ending off this post with my face, as usual. If you're looking for a job, here's the opportunity for you! Be it a full time or a part time, or delivery expert to manager- call 9424 3003 or invite their Facebook page for more information!


Till next time!

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