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Hi guys! I've graduated for awhile now, and unlike most of my Poly mates that went to grab their degree straightaway, I decided to waste a year to focus on myself. When I say myself, I meant I'm trying to figure out who I really am, what do I really want, and of course, my future. That's why I went to get myself a job. Obviously I'm not going to live off my parents. I stopped taking allowances from my family since 16 so there's no way I'm going to do that at 20. 

Months passed and I have yet figure out which course and school should I study and I don't think time is on my side too. I've spent way too much time on working, so whenever I've time to spare, I ended up resting my time away. Of course, now that I'm focusing more on blogging, it seems like I've little time to spare for myself. Which is super true. Even my weekends are spent away just like that. There's no longer me time, which is something I really want so much. There goes the time for reading, coffee and just being alone. It's kind of my thing to want to be alone, so I am able to recharge myself.

Back to the main topic. I met up with Brendon awhile back after work for dinner. He said there was this cafe in town that he wanted to try it out, and so we went. We saw our ex-classmates there as well. It was kind of awkward. I'm a super awkward pie.









We ordered our food and slowly wait for them to arrive. I ate the pasta, of course. I'm the queen of pasta. I'm so going to be a fat bitch, pasta and fries everywhere. But I shared a salmon salad with Brendon anyway. (Ya, like that helps.)

Before the food arrived, I was still thinking was the price too pricy, but when the food arrived, I quickly changed my mind. The food portion was big. As least it was to me. I was expecting litle portion of food, but they were quite generous. 

The pasta was awesome, the salmon salad was too salty for my liking and the rest are not bad. The fries was not up to expectation, but Brendon and I have high expectation for fries. 

The place was not that crowded when we first arrived around 7 PM. But as usual, we ordered too much for table for two to hold. But who cares, we finished them anyway.

I guess if you work near town areas, you could always have dinner in town. Skip those mainstream restaurants and go for cafes instead.

It was embarrassing because my mind went blank and I almost walked out without paying. Thank god Brendon stopped me. We then went to Swensen's for super mega ice cream!!! Please don't say I'm fat!!

 7 Rodyk Street, 
Watermark @ Robertson Quay #01-33, 
Singapore 238215

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