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Hi y'all, I'm back! I've been super busy as usual, which is something I really like. I enjoy being busy at work because time fly faster, and when you don't pay so much attention to the time, suddenly it's time to go home. It's kinda a nice feeling too when you don't have so much time to think about anything. 

Anyways, I'm back with some awesome beauty products to share. Thanks to TokyoLuxey, I found this really good skin conditioner that I really love! 

Oh ya, I haven't talk about TokyoLuxey right? Lemme just do some introduction before you guys get all confused. 

TokyoLuxey is a website that sells quite a lot of Japanese beauty products! So if you're a fan of Japanese skincare and cosmetics products, you shouldn't give this a miss. I was invited to one of their meetups in Singapore and it was pretty cool meeting Chie Maeda, the managing director of TokyoLuxey. They explained to us about their website and covered the dinner as well. Of course, I met a few other bloggers there too.

The short meetup was at P.S Cafe and I rushed there after my work. Phew thank god I made it in time. But it was raining heavily and we ended up taking a cab to Orchard to switch to train back home.

The serving was too much for me to handle, but it was delicious!

Anyway, so they introduced us to this brand called Albion. If you're a Japanese beauty products lover, then this name shouldn't be unknown to you I guess. 

Trying the product!

So I was given a few products to review, and one of them is like my current favorite now!




Albion Skin Conditioner Essential Toner, currently my favorite, helps to restore skin normal cycle to the corneous cells' metabolic rhythm and leaves skin in smooth, healthy condition. It radiant glowing skin, lessen chances of outbreaks and red flushes, translucent appearance become visible, refined skin texture, and moisturize the skin. It is also suitable for sensitive skin type as well.

Le me trying on the product (please ignore my ugly nail polish, it has already been removed now LOL)

I really love it because my skin feels really refreshed after applying. It's non-greasy and non-sticky and my skin don't feel dry too. So far I haven't had any outbreaks after applying. And I agree that it really helps to moisturize my skin.  


Next is Albion Eclafutur, a serum that will help to repairs damaged skin cells on a daily basis. It's to make the skin appears more springy, less noticeable pores and refine skin texture. They use nanotechnology which really helps skin to stay healthy. 

I was given a sample size product to try and it was really good. Similar to their Skin Conditioner Essential Toner, it leave no sticky feeling and it feels very refreshed. It's recently debuted, so if you're interested, you can grab one to try! The actual size of Eclafutur is 40 ml. 



Lastly, we have 24H Cosme Powder Foundation SPF15 PA ++ in Shade 03. It is said to be able to give you a coverage that will last at least 24 hours. So ladies who are heading out to party after work, this is your solution.

Personally I feel that it's really cute, like most other Japanese products, they always come in adorable packaging. But everything was written in Japanese and I couldn't really understand them, so I have to google to find out more about this. Anyways, I was unable to use this on my face because it's not in my skin shade. 03 is kinda slightly too dark for me. 

So I googled about this product, and it said to have no chemical element so it can be removed easily. But I'm skeptical as hell so even if it really has no chemical element, I'm still going to use my makeup remover anyway. 

Anyways, so I don't think it gives like a full coverage. Or personally I always prefer liquid foundation or BB Cream over compact powder. I used my ZA foundation as my finishing or touch-up powder. I feel that this may be able to last for long hours, but wouldn't really cover up most of my flaws. But the packaging is cute though! Hahaha! 

I will definitely buy the Albion Skin Conditioner Essential Toner (unless I found something better), and probably not buy the powder foundation. 

Oh right! Tokyo Luxey has this awesome special edition gift box! You can buy it for yourself to try, or you can buy it for a friend! 

S$375 worth of Japanese Cosmetics is just for S$39, honestly it's a great deal! Just buy only la. So cheap, buy and try try also worth it. 

All these products are featured on a Japanese beauty reality TV show, Tokyo Luxe. It's a makeover TV series and the makeup techniques are demonstrated by Nobuto Yanagi, a popular hair and makeup artist. You can try these products and deem them suitable or not yourself for just $39. Pretty decent I guess.

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  1. Thx for the info! I shall tell my gf asap.

  2. i always curious wit this product ..
    thx for review

  3. I would love to try Albion Eclafutur, I hope it would be great for my skin and my pores. followed you via twitter and bloglovin. Wnna follow each other??

    1. You should try, it's quite good! Followed you back on Bloglovin! ^_^

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