What's wrong with being skinny?

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Writer's note:
Hi guys! I was inspired to write about this topic because I'm sure most skinny girls can relate to it. I don't find myself skinny but most of the people I know insisted that I'm skinny. (I've bloated stomach, so I'm not skinny!!) I'm petite so it's kinda frustrating because I'd looked like a school girl. My supervisor insisted that I could easily convince others I'm still in secondary school if I were to put on my old uniforms. Anyways, it's just a rant- and if you can relate, do leave your experiences as comments!

To all the skinny people out there, you're welcome! Here's are some misconceptions of being skinny. (I did this in the skinny girl's POV, so don't mind me if I used 'I' in the sentences.

1. "Wow! You're so slim; you can fit into any dress!"
Now, that's a lie. No, I'm pretty sure if you buy the correct size and find the right kind of clothes, you're able to wear it out nicely too. If you're tall and skinny, it's hard to find the dress that fits you perfectly. If it fits you, the length of the dress would be too short, and if the length is just right, you gotta alter the waist length. That's what I like to say, 'You don't wear clothes, the clothes wear you." If you're short and skinny, then good luck in finding nice dresses because I doubt retail shops bring in a lot of petite clothes, and even if they do- they don't look that nice too. Simply say, it's harder to shop for clothes at malls.

2. "I don't think you need to go to the gym at all. Like, you're already so thin!"
Okay, listen up people, not everyone goes to the gym to be skinny. FYI, exercise helps to keep fit and stay healthy. Exercise doesn't mean slimming down, but means keeping your body healthy. 

3. "You would look beautiful if you could just put on some weight. Eat more please!"
Wow, seriously are you kidding me? I don't need your opinion to deem whether I'm beautiful or not. Skinny girls are not ugly. Chubby girls are not ugly too. We do not live up to your expectations. Plus, how sure are you that I didn't eat enough? Have you seen me eat?

4. "Real men like curves, only dogs go for bones."
Don't ever compare us with bones. Firstly, who are you to judge us? Secondly, so are you insulting all the guys who like skinny girls? Lastly, it's not a must for everybody to share the same taste as you. 

5. "Your body isn't meant for this dress. You're too slim, you've no figure."
It's funny how when you're plump, people insisted you're too chubby to fit into any bodycon dresses and that you looked like bar zhang. But when you're slim, people insisted you're too thin and that you have no figure to rock any dresses. People are indeed hard to please.

6. "Did your parents starve you? Eat up!"
In Singapore, you would mostly hear people asking, "Eh your parents never feed you ah?" Singlish. Nailed it. What the actual fuckery is this? What does being skinny gotta do with my parents? Do you know my parents? Do you even know me? It's very distasteful for someone to comment on us and even blame it on our parents. 

So... What's wrong with being skinny?
Nothing! Being skinny is not a sin, and girls want to be slim and fit. (Well, most of them do) 

Looking at society today, the media injects us with the image of skinny is beautiful and honestly, whose fault is that? Looking at Kpop (Korean Pop) culture, we can tell most of the idols use pretty faces and skinny bodies to attract their fans. Fan girls inspire to be like them, and fan boys inspire to find a girlfriend like their idol. 

Let me point out that HyunA from 4 Minute was 39 kg with the height of 164 cm during her Bubble Pop debut period. Even before that, she was 42 kg, in which, is still considered slim for her height. Hyomin from T-ara had everyone talking about her figure as well in her Nice Body MV. There are people saying her body measurements was 34-24-36 (according to her jersey). There are other slim girls in the Kpop industry too, but I'm just gonna name these two famous idols. ('Cause I like them LOL)

Point straight is that skinny girls are humans too. We are skinny, not because we want to impress boys. We are definitely not a freak show for you to criticize, throw your judgmental comments at and be mean as hell to. Don't come telling us to eat up, eat more, because 'it's for your own good' and that we don't appreciate your kindness. Being helpful and being mean are two completely different things. 

There are girls who are born skinny and no matter how much they eat, they just don't gain weight. (E.g. Blogger Pei Shi) Those are the girls that most people would kill because they NEVER get fat at all. I've known people who gained 25 to 30 kg during pregnancy and still able to go back to their original figure shortly after giving birth. (The hell?) And to those who think we actually starve ourselves, you may or may not be correct. There are girls who starve themselves to get to the figure they want. 

I must admit that I slimmed down quite a lot this year, due to stress, people relationships and some of the past I couldn't let go. When that happens, I would lose appetite to eat. However, that doesn't stop me from eating on normal days. Especially now that I'm working in an office, I would have my lunch at my pantry and then sit throughout the rest of the day. Oh, and because I'm saving money, I start to eat hawker food every single day. They say hawker food is super delicious yet unhealthy. Oh great!

Another thing I must admit, I slimmed down because of my diet. My ‘no fast-food’ diet. I cut away unhealthy food like fast food. I reduce the number of times I take fried food and sweet drinks. But I didn't reduce my food intake. In fact, whenever I visit a cafe, I would order one main, one or two sides, a drink and sometimes a cake. Or ice cream. That's why I honestly don't find myself skinny in anyway. I'm just petite; hence people think I'm skinny too. But sometimes I would feel fat and have salad for dinner. (LOL and I ordered potato salad, what a blonde move!) There are moments when I thought I've an eating disorder, because there are days I feel like a fat bitch and end up skipping meals. (But I never once puke any food I ate out, because it's damn wasteful, I rather not eat LOL) But I guess I'm normal... right?!?!

Okay, that’s quite enough of me ranting. I just want to voice out that I am not going to say I'm fat too, just so I don't pissed the people that are larger than me. (Oh this bitch is saying she's fat, so what am I? A hippopotamus?!)

Oh and on side note- people who simply throw their 'helping comments' around should STOP doing that because it really fucking hurts. You see, whether a person has anorexia or not, we are all human beings. Whenever I received their helping comments, I cannot help but feel hurt by them. Imagine what would those people facing eating disorders feel? It's not like they don't want to eat. 

Empathy. If you can't do it, then don't say a word. Instead of helping them, you're making them feel even worse. If you think the person has eating disorder, you should talk to them nicely, not shoving your opinions on their face. Bring them to see a doctor if you truly care about their health. Or talk to their family members. There are many ways for us to help those in need, but shoving your dick opinions right smack into their face IS an inconsiderate move. Dick move. 

(Don't mind me, I was not wearing any makeup)

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  1. it's really nice to read about this. it's all about body image ... also being fit is something important.
    thank you for sharing :)

    Slumber Talk

  2. Well, you shouldn't use the absolute value of a weighing scale to judge. Hyuna was 39 at 163cm and hyori once revealed she's 53kg at 164cm. But I don't see much difference in their bodies. Yeah, I might be blind. Or it may be muscles. :)

    1. Hi Molly!
      Well, from what I've checked, most sources said Lee Hyori was ranging 47kg to 49kg with the height of 167cm. I don't think it's due to muscles because both of them are dancers. I guess this is where bones play a part too. Hyuna prolly has bigger bones in general, hence why you might feel that they are about the same. ^_^

    2. Don't trust online profiles. Hyori revealed her true stats on family outing a while back. Well, maybe she has lost weight but I doubt she'll get another growth spurt in height. Hyuna is not 164cm as stated in her official profile either. She admitted that she's actually slightly shorter. :)
      And who says dancers don't have muscles? Check out park kahi's abs.

    3. I didn't say dancers don't have muscles, you must have misunderstood me. They are both dancers, so they both have muscles. If you wanna include muscles in the topic, there are other things to talk about- like bones, mental being, diets, no. of times they exercise a week, and more factors. ^_^

  3. Great topic to write about !
    Everybody wants to be skinny and beautiful , but there has to be some limit , because in the end the health is what is really important . And, of course that everybody should go to the gym , if not for being healthy than for losing some weight .


    1. Yes health is important. Guilty, I don't go to the gym. I hardly ever do exercise. That's why I keep healthy by eating better choices of food. More vegs!

  4. Great post. Love your blog. Would you like to follow eachother on GFC? Let me know and follow me on my blog and I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!

  5. It's best to be healthy. Skinny people may not be healthy. I'm underweight (based on http://www.calculator.net/ideal-weight-calculator.html) but I'm overfat (based on my health report), which means I'm not really healthy.

    People who know me will not comment that my parents/ bf starve me, or I must be dieting, because I really eat alot. Normally I eat about 17 sushi plates @ Sushi Express. I belong to the minority who people wants to kill :P

    1. Hi Pixie, yes skinny people may or may not be healthy. But most people think skinny = unhealthy, not the most correct concept. I should also try the weight calculator to check. Thanks for sharing!

      Yes, same. I went Sushi Express and ate 18 plates of Salmon (exclude other sushi). It was dinner time and super crowded, I shared table with two other females and they were shocked that I ate so much. But I do get a little fat but most people don't notice it. (Omg I'm so envious of you now! Hahaha!)