A fun experience at Alive Museum

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So I went to Alive Museum last month, courtesy of OMY. It was such an awesome experience. I guess everyone would already know what's Alive Museum, so I don't think I would explain much. I met up with Brendon, and we went there on a Monday. Thank god I didn't have work that day.

It was funny because we actually spent way too much time fooling around instead of taking photos. Then halfway through exploring, his DSLR died. Great. 'Cause the photos were with him, hence this post came in late. I was dying to share about this experience because it was really fun!

If you never been to these kind of museums, then lemme tell you, you need at least one and half hour to be able to fully experience the entire process.

Oh ya, Brendon managed to edit and send me the photos before he entered Army. All the best to you BFF, I'll see you in about a week's time... I hope. He kept calling me and I didn't manage to pick up his phone call. Sorry!

Anyway, back to the main topic. Actually... I'll just let the photos do all the talking. All photos are taken and edited by BrendonL.

2014-08-28 01.20.19 1
A typical photo of little mermaid
2014-08-28 01.21.28 1
Sorry no, I'm a grumpy mermaid. What do you mean I can't eat those prawns and fishes?!

2014-08-28 01.20.00 1
Nope, I'm an angel, bitch please!

2014-08-28 01.19.50 1
Pft, my hair!

2014-08-28 01.18.47 1
A very fail handstand :(

2014-08-28 01.36.36 1
Omg, bad ass dragon wants to have me for supper!

2014-08-28 01.36.19 1
We ended up posing whatever we want instead. He insisted it was funny to drag me across the floor. (He did) But he had fun playing. Thanks to the Chinese couple for taking this photo. LOL!!

2014-08-28 01.17.46 1
I tried. My expression- I can't even. 

2014-08-28 01.16.59 1
My OOTD for the night. Thanks creativity, there's three little Angelus in this photo. But damn, I could see my bag in the background. 

There are many other photos, but I shall not spam too much photos here. If you wanna experience it on your own, right now Alive Museum is having a little promotion. Click here to find out more!

Oh, just let me bitch a little here. I haven't been to Suntec since 2011 I think. The place was still messy as hell, and this is already the second time I got lost there. The first time I couldn't find the convention hall and I took forever to find Tower 3 (where Alive Museum is located). If you're a home kid like me, you might wanna come earlier in case you got lost and have lesser time to snap photos in here. 

Alright, lemme end this post with this cool photo. Actually I doubt anyone took photo of this in this manner... yet. My creativity strike and I was like, "dude, you should take like this..." I got a hard time explaining to Brendon, so I tried to demonstrate to Brendon. Apparently I was too short to snap these kind of photos. But somehow he managed to understand and took this awesome shot. Cheers to both of us. 

2014-08-28 01.15.51 1

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  1. What creative photos, loved it! Penalty here in Brazil do not have anything like that. Hahaha very funny pictures

      I just post tips for hairstyles!

  2. Aww the photos are cute! This museum is definitely a must visit one. I like the Merlion one, it's funny how you act like washing your hair :D
    Cute OOTD too ^^


    1. Hehe thanks! Yeah, you should go have give it a try. It's a really fun experience and you can get creative with those shots. x

  3. Beautiful. Very nice Outfits :-)

    INSTAGRAM: sissihope

  4. Very funny and original pictures !! ;)

  5. looks like such a nice place, you look cute also love the dress


  6. lol!
    you're so beautiful :)


  7. Fun pictures!


  8. Your dress is so cute :)


  9. eee this looks like so much fun!! And I love that cute skater dress you're wearing! <3
    xx Katie
    Miss Adonis

  10. Hahaha, these pictures are so amazing and unique! I love a good crazy picca. If there's no dressing up involved, it has to be a manic face or a silly pose. I'm new to you and don't know who Brendon is, but you guys take some great photos together! You guys must be pretty talented. Rosemary x


    1. Thanks dear, there's no fancy dressing involved so it's cool to just do freestyle posing. Yeah Brendon is my BFF, we've been friends for going a decade I guess we have some great chemistry hahaha. x

  11. hey!!! really cool pics and blog! please visit my blog: classmorri.blogspot.com

  12. cute photos
    hope you had a lovely weekend

    e d i o t

  13. nice shots!! so interesting... looks so real... nice post!

    wanna follow each other..? follow me and let me know :) i'll follow you back soon after it..


    1. Thanks!! Sure, do you have Bloglovin' I could follow?

  14. These photos look like you had such a blast! I've never been to a museum like this one but now I'm researching to see if I can find one close to where I live! haha love the picture of you doing a handstand lol so random and fun and also the one where your friend is pulling you! and the mirror one too (I didn't see than bag until you said it was there! lol) your dress is adorable! thanks for sharing :)
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog, I’m following you on Bloglovin and Instagram, I hope you can follow me back to stay in touch.


    1. I hope you can find one! Thanks, but I think it would look better if I didn't wear dress. *note to self, don't wear dress*. Oops, what's seen cannot be unseen.

      I followed you back on Bloglvin and Ig as well! ^_^ xoxo


  16. pretty awesome stuff.... I hope to be able to visit that place someday.. my little girl wants to check it out....

    1. Yes please! I'm sure she will love it! Kids have the best creativity, you can take a lot of great shots. You can add this to your bucket list :)

  17. This place is so cool, I can't say that I know of anything like this in the UK! The photo of three-Angelus' in the mirror reflection is incredible and you look like a model! Have a lovely week :)

    - I'm new to Instagram! -


    1. I'm not sure if there's any in UK but you can try to google. I don't think it's uniquely in Singapore only. Thanks I'm flattered! >< x

  18. wooow! i love this pics! so much fun!


  19. So inspiring images

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