My ALS Challenge Rant

by - 8:25 AM

I guess all the hype from the ALS Ice bucket challenge has finally died, (or dying, depending on which country you’re from.) so I can finally rant about this whole saga. There are many parts to this rant. The first one is the challenge itself. The second is the response. The final is about ASL itself.

Although it seems that everyone around the world was engage in this whole viral challenge, not everyone seems to know the actual ‘rules’ of the challenge. It’s also because it got so viral, things started to turn into a mess. It’s like the game ‘pass the message’, and by the end of the line, the last person would end up saying fucked up shit that wasn't even the original message passed down initially. This is exactly the same thing. You can start everything with good intentions, but it doesn’t mean that it would always end well. Like when you try to help an old lady cross the road, and end up giving her a heart attack because you made her jaywalk. (Or something like that.)

The rules to the challenge weren’t clear, but if you do your part in researching before actually doing the challenge, you will know how it was supposed to go. First, you get a recording device and say to it “I was nominated by who, and I accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.’ Second, you get a bucket of water and add ice in it. Obviously you wait for a while for the ice to melt slightly so the water actually feels icy. Third, you nominate another 3 more persons to do this challenge. Forth, you pour the fucking ice bucket over your head. Last, you make a donation to ALS Association. That was what you’re supposed to do. Simple. (Oh and that 24 hours response thing too.)

You’re supposed to either donate a $100 if you chickened out or $10 if you accepted the challenge. At the end of the day, you’re supposed to donate. Or you could actually ignore the entire saga and be a hipster.

I don’t understand how people could do the challenge and not donate, or do something ridiculous instead. (Like pouring something else instead of ice water) Or hurt yourself while doing it. It’s for a good cause but one must not neglect precaution.

The reactions from this viral challenge were all over the place and very extreme. There were happy fangirls who were giggling and going nuts for Tom Hiddleston's body and joining the challenge. (Or some of them, of course, don’t even know what they were doing; they were doing because The Bieb nominated all his girls to do it)

There were good ones where people actually researched and gained knowledge on what ALS is all about. Others who did not get nominated donate their money to ALSA as well because of this awareness. This challenge was initially created to build awareness and is kind of a marketing campaign. In the marketing perspective, I would say this is very successful. I mean, they got what they want - both awareness for this illness and donations for research!

However, when it got too viral- the downside- haters be hating. People left mean comments saying it was a waste of water and etc. Yes, it’s true that it is a waste of water. Then why not ask people to do it at their backyard, or some grass patch? At least the plants can have them. No one complains when people were doing the cinnamon challenge that it is a complete waste of cinnamon and bakers be baking anger. No one whines when people are doing the chubby bunny challenge when they forced themselves to get as many marshmallows into their mouth and ended up throwing up everything and looking disgusting on YouTube.

C’mon, the people in Africa would love to have tons of marshmallows to eat and they would make full use of these wasted cinnamon. But no, everyone gets so heated up with water. Africans need water. FYI- Africa is not the only third world country. Why not sit your ass back down and donate some water, marshmallows and cinnamon to all the third world countries instead of raging online. You haters are also helping to create awareness of this campaign, like it or not.

(Anyway, if you live in an area with drought issue and everyone was doing this challenge, it's understandable that people will be upset. I heard North America's facing such issues, so I guess that's why people made such a point.)

I know it wasn’t a perfect campaign to begin with, but it is still considered successful. Of course there are better campaigns like the ones where you purchase a pair of running shoes online and another pair will be sent to people in a third world country. I heard of those campaigns before. If you don’t like ALS challenge, go ahead and support other campaigns then. You get to shop as well; it’s a win-win situation.  

Through the ALS challenge, many were made aware about ALS Association and begun researching for more information about them. Those were called the smart fellows of the society. There were discussions where people wondered where exactly would their money go to? Administrative work or research? 

There were a few celebrities who refused to take up the challenge and Pamela Anderson was one of them. She insisted that ALSA did their research on animals and she challenged them back to say no to animal testing.

At the end of the day, are we able to tell if the money that were donated will be put to good use? There are so many things we don't know but we can only donate and hope for the best. This also shows us that media is indeed a very powerful tool. Most people would follow blindly, but salute to those who stood against others for your own opinions.

Overall I think this challenge has good intention but after sitting in front of my laptop for 3 hours straight watching videos after videos of celebrities doing ice bucket challenge, I got so annoyed by it. I'm quite bitchy to the fact that people just follow blindly. If you don't know what it is all about, then there's no meaning to you pouring ice water at all. Also, if you have health problems, you should avoid doing this challenge because no one wants to open Yahoo News (or any other news) and see a list of people who died from this challenge. Some people have weaker body immune system and can't take it. I personally didn't dig deep into this, so I would say generally people who donate because they really want to- you're awesome. Humanity restored. Anyway, if you're really not into this whole (stupid, if you insist) challenge, then please donate your money to help others for other diseases. There are so many diseases in the world, and by donating to any association or foundation that you want, you're helping out the world. 

I'm consistently drifting off topic. I shall end it off here before my mind starts to wander off elsewhere. 

OH WAIT- like I said, after a total of about 5 hours of watching celebrities doing this challenge, here's some of my faves. (Yes, I got annoyed, but some are pretty impressive.)

Misha Collins, Charlie Sheen, Ryan Higa, Taylor Swift and R.D.J... and probably Lucy Hale 'cause her bowl was really full of ice cubes (click their names, I linked to youtube url but I wouldn't know if the owner of the video will remove it or not...)

P/S You may not agree with me, but this is my opinion. I do, however, respect yours but please don't leave me mean comments. I welcome opinions but do not try to rub it on people's face. Thanks! LOL.

(all gifs and memes are found from Google Search: Ice Bucket Challenge. Thanks gifs and meme makers!)

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  2. I'm glad this challenge is starting to calm down because for a while that's all there was on social media was videos of people doing it.

    1. Yeah I agree. And it gets really annoying somehow. x

  3. You have a lovely blog. As towards the ALS challenge, I agree with you extensively! x


  4. Everyone has their own point of view. My little girl did it just out of the sake of having fun... and yes, I agree... everyone can say they want to donate so much and how much goes to the charity for real is just another issue...

    Cheers Miera

    please also visit my little girl's blog (she just started-

    btw, do you wanna swap bloglinks on blogs?

  5. I totally get you. The bigger the hype for these types of things, the greater the negativity. I think this challenge got so huge that people actually did look into it and a lot of people found that the money wouldn't be going to good use, etc. so there has been big debate. I think there always will be controversy when it comes to donating to charity. People have to understand that not 100% of donations can go to the cause, because of admin costs and hiring employees, etc. but I also understand that a lot of 'charities' are complete bogus. I have experienced the latter first hand, and it was quite a saddening experience. At the end of the day, it would be ideal if we could take our money, fly to these third-world countries, buy equipment and materials, and actually see the difference our money is making first-hand. If I ever become rich enough to do that, I definitely will. But in the meantime, we've just got to put our faith somewhere and with a suitable amount of research, just hope that our money is being used with the best intentions possible. Rosemary x

  6. the challenge of the bucket here has to say, even though it's over. my Facebook timeline was full of videos related to the challenge, the real purpose even forgotten! rs

  7. I knew about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 3 days before it went viral through the internet and i was having fun seeing people doing the challenge, but when it got viral and all the people are doing it, i was like... fuuuuuu! Because i know some people are just doing it because its the latest hype and they want to be a part of it! But what really angers my naturally calm nature is that, i know some people that are doing this challenge doesn't really know what this challenge is about. All they know is its for the research and blah blah blah... but they don't know it by heart. And that right there, puts me down. People should do their research first and not just go out there and dump ice on their heads. Well anyway, i enjoyed seeing the fail videos, and i applaud the people who did it because they know the real meaning and not just because its the trend.

    ps. love the memes!

  8. Hey! Great post, you have a lovely blog. Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin' and GFC? Let me know on my blog, I follow right back xx

  9. I absolutely love your blog so I nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can find out more here:

    1. Thanks darling! Will do it and link you right back, xoxo

  10. Amazing post. You look wonderful.
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  11. Interesting views, particularly about those who participated in California! I have to admit that on more than one occasion, I've caught myself wondering whether people are more interested in the hype than the cause..! Thanks for thought-provoking post and have a lovely week! :)
    - I follow back on Bloglovin' -


  12. yeah i get it good point! that is so true, sometimes people get the wrong message about the whole thing! great post anyway!


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