Updates: Where did all my money go?

by - 6:05 AM

Hi guys! What have you guys been doing? I've been super busy lately. Besides giving my social life up to earn some money, I've been taking care of my face. I think I'm the most kiasu (fear of losing/fear of missing out) in my family. My sisters all begin paying for their facial sessions when they were around 20 plus. I'm only 20 years old and already going for facial treatments. But honestly, I don't find it any wrong. I can really feel my skin becoming better, and if I face any acne issues, I can always force myself not to pop them and let it to the experts to do for me during the weekends. Then again, I don't think I can afford paying and going to facial monthly.

Recently I went to this facial treatment which costs me a bomb. Then again, most facial packages usually cost a bomb. 3 sessions for $321, how is that cheap? I'm sure during the last session they will ask me to continue sign another package with them. This is a never ending cycle. I'm sure they will say it in a manner that's like, "we are just doing it for your own good... Don't you want good skin?" Then you're like, "I want good skin..." Then they be like, "so what are you waiting for?" Then there goes my salary.

I always have trouble saying no to all these service people because they're darn good at convincing you until you have no excuses to cook. I'm sure after working there and having to psycho so many customers daily, they are best at doing that.

I feel that my current facial is quite good and their service is good too. No complains at all, but I feel so much for my salary.

Oh, and recently I got my sister to buy me tons of Korean makeup and skincare products from Korea. Will do a blog post on them too soon, just give me some time to try them out. So another sum of money gone! Poof just like them. I feel so much for them money.

Anyways, just updating what's been happening in my life currently. What about yours?






Went to Xin Wang a few weeks back, and honestly I feel that their food quality has gone down quite a bit. Not sure if it's just that outlet I went or overall. It's sad to see that their quality has gone down because it used to be one of my favorite places to go to. I even celebrated one of the X'mas dinner there with my secondary school friends. My mom used to love Xin Wang but recently she went with my sister and she didn't quite like it. 





I ate Soup Spoon after my facial treatment because it's healthy, or so I think it is. Really love eating Soup Spoon a lot recently. Probably because I've been eating hawker food everyday during lunch hour and at times my supervisor asked me if we should have Soup Spoon for lunch. Damn happy for a change in food choices. But come to think of it, I've been eating a lot of Soup Spoon lately as well. I even have their membership card too. 

Anyways, I'm going to end my random update here. Here's photo of my naked face after my facial treatment. My face looked reddish here because my beautician has been popping my pimples and stuffs. And my hair is in a darn mess too.I tried to edit my mess hair, but I don't think it worked. 


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  1. Loved reading the your random activity, cool righting skill and the food still looks good for a lower quality food. It got my mouth watery.


    1. Thanks babe :) Sex appeal of the food is still there hahaha! x

  2. the pork pasta looks so delicious :9 I'm craving for it!


  3. I love the soup spoon!!!!!! I had it when I was in Singapore... could not have enough of it.... get sponsors lah for free facial reviews or products... then you save a lot of money... LOL

    1. Some of my blogger friends have too many makeup , toiletries and skin care products.. I find myself giving some of mine away to my kids and friends too....sign up for blogger groups on Facebook and such to get reviews etc...

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