6 Reasons Why Interning at a Big Company Isn't Everything

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I've been through that pre-internship period, when everybody is so anxious to know which company our lecturer assigned us to. If you're facing it now, don't worry because I totally understand what you're going through. Most of your classmates would probably say how important it is to get into a good company, and the rest of them would be probably having panic attacks when their lecturer calls them to the office.

Everyone is so obsessed with getting into MNCs - they say it can help with future career planning, let you make better contacts and looks good in your resume. However, it is true only to a certain extend as it's also not the end of the world if your lecturer tells you that you're assigned to an SME.

So let's just go through a few pointers where getting into smaller company ain't that bad. 

1. "I can learn more things from MNC than SME." - Not 100% true. 
Typically an SME has lesser people compared to an MNC. That means you'll get more opportunities to do a broader range of jobs, hence learn more. MNCs are already so established, your JD will be fixed and might be very routine giving you a lesser chance to learn something outside of your job.

2. MNC could be stricter than SME.
They may mark you down for they might have higher expectations. You see, since many students want to intern at their company, they usually pick the best fishes from the entire sea of students. If they're constantly working with the best interns, yet you're unable to hit their mark, there goes your GPA. It's like how the accountancy students are so stressed out interning for the Big 4.

3. More opportunities to learn things out of the scope. 
Similar to Pointer 1, if you intern at an SME that's recently set up, you may need to help the business to liaise with different people. This could also help you to build your own network and connections because at the end of the day, they will remember you because you're directly in contact with them.

4. A good internship lies on you as well.
This applies to students who have their internship module directly affecting their GPA. I'm not talking about those schools that have internship as pass or fail module. I see students who have internship as pass/fail module that are complacence as hell. They're demotivated and they skip most of their internship. For those who has grade tagged with Internship, they might be slightly more motivated.

Then again, it's how you view this entire internship program. If you're disinterested, no matter how good of the company is, you wouldn't learn anything at all.

Hence, MNC or SME doesn't matter; getting into a company that opens rooms for development and window of opportunities is important. But most importantly, it's your actions, behaviors, mentality and attitude that deemed if you're going to make this internship program successful or not.

5. Having a Structured Internship Program
A MNC may not have a structured internship program whereas an SME may have. Some MNCs have the mindset thinking that since internship periods are so short, it would not make much of a difference to overall company's performance, hence there's no structure done up for the program. An SME may be internship-focused as they want to retain talents found through internship program in their company, as well as significantly benefit from the cost-efficiency that comes from hiring interns and following a structured internship program.

6. Complicity of Company Structure
SME's structure is less complicated than MNC. Their departments are less segregated; hence interns can get to learn stuff across departments. This is good because at the end of the day, it's what we learn and experience during the internship that concludes how successful the program is, isn't it?


It really doesn't matter which company you go to. After all, what you take away from the internship are learning experience and social skills. I am sure there are many other things you will take away from an internship as well. Internship is quite different individually. Mine was quite free and easy, except the journey to and from my workplace was crazy.

Not to worry if you end up in a company you never heard of, or a company you don't want. Just go with it, and maybe it will change your opinion about them. Enjoy your internship! 

If you already did your internship, do share with me your experience- do you like it? What's your take in this?


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