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I've been reading a lot of blogs lately, and I was inspired by a particular blog where the writer wrote an 'at this moment' post. It was quite interested and I wanted to try this as well. October has been particularly quiet for me. I've been working, thinking and reading a lot lately. My introvert side applause as gone the dramas and welcome peaceful village. I've almost completely ditch my social life. My younger self would totally disagree with my actions, but I'm feeling quite happy to be in my little bubble of comfort zone. When you are constantly engaging conversations and attending social activities, it makes you feel like an insider to something. But after realizing that it doesn't matter and that I'll always be an outsider, which I've beginning to embrace this fact that I will never be that cool kid. 

I have been reading advice blogs and articles in hoping to learn more about self-acceptance, self-forgiving and many more. I feel that it's time for me to learn more about myself, and to work on improving myself. The last two years was terrible for me as I totally threw myself away and work on relationships that just didn't work out. Right now, I feel like it's time to do some self-healing.

At This Moment // October

Listening to:
Currently I'm loving Taylor Rachel - Light a Fire, REM - Everybody Hurts, Gary Jules - Mad World, Band of Horses - The Funeral, and Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven

With my favorite American series back, I have been dying as I wait impatiently for new episodes to come out every week. I missed that feeling of camping for every episode. 

The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and The Original really cheers me up as I was feeling quite upset for months. I'm glad they are back, and the thoughts of Supernatural being the last season really hit me. I have been watching it since the first season, they have accompanied me for these past few years and I know I will miss it for sure, even more than Gossip Girl. 

I am reading Hunger Games right now, because Mockingjay is coming out next month. There are many other books that I want to read, but I am really terrible at time management. Praise me for reading while traveling to and from work during peak hours.

Planning to:
Of course, I plan to focus more on myself, as said above, I will take my time to learn more about myself, in hope that I can figure out something... planning for my future education as well. I realized that 2014 passed too fast as I spent all my days working away. I am still figuring out which course should I take for my degree, because I know that the degree I pick will be the path I have to follow in the future. It really stresses me as I do really suck at making decisions. Look, I haven't even figure out which camera I should get, how I am supposed to figure out my degree which will draws my career and future. 

My personal space, I haven't spent much time on myself since forever. I barely knew myself, but I realized that I could only spare myself less than 2 hours each day for my personal thing. Plus my mom would always come into the room to check on me every half an hour. 

My weekdays are filled with work, and I'd left with little or no energy to even do anything. Saturdays are usually for a few friends or family gatherings, and Sundays are usually for me to draft out the content for my blog or editing my photos.

I have not been feeling anything much lately; I feel so detached for my emotions. The only emotions are rage, depressed and more rage and depressed. Hence, it is also the reason why I have been reading advice blogs. Such negatively isn't good, I know, hence I have been trying to add some positive here and there, as much as possible. And also why I wanted to write an 'at the moment'; to keep an update on myself.

I usually don't have any wants because I know I couldn't afford any. But I have been looking at em cosmetics and hats. I am quite into hats these days and I couldn't wait for some free time to shop for some hats. 

I also crave for longer hours of sleep time. I realized that I could only afford 6 hours or less sleep time. Usually my body will wake up around 6 hours, which is sad because I will feel tired in the afternoon, halfway through my work.

Do share with me what have you been up to, I'd love to read all of them. I am thinking of adding more sections to this, but I am thinking what should I add. Any ideas?


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  1. Angelus, I am so happy that my post inspired you in some small way... so happy you joined in with your own At this Moment post! By the way, I gotta say you have killer taste in music! :)

    1. Hi Latrina, thanks for dropping by! Yes, I love reading your blog and I can't wait to write the next one in Nov. I'm a music junkie, but recently been loving these few. Not sure which genre they belong to, but they're great music. Thanks! :D

  2. Great post! Have a great weekend!


  3. I really like your writing style and it is a great post. If you are an expat and plan on moving to Singapore, do check out I found it to be very useful in finding a place.

  4. I should really watch supernatural!! I feel like I would like it

    1. Hi Laura, yes you totally should watch! I'm holding my inner excitement not to spoil you anything, so please go watch it! Let me know if you like it! :)

  5. I love your lists!!!!
    I do wait for the next The Originals also! hahahaa.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm glad to know your blog! so inspiring :)


    1. Thank you darling! I'm so excited for The Originals. The wait can kill. I'm still hoping they could bring Caroline over. xx