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Hi y'all! How's October so far? Recently I've been facing a few personal issues but I tried to keep a positive mindset as possible. I told myself that, as cliche as it sounds, tough times don't last but tough people do. Negative side of me will always creeps in, but in a good way I guess. I'll be like, 'oh nothing could be worse than what I've been through over these past two years...' and I was kinda right. 

Moving onto a more positive and happier note, I'm sharing with you guys some joy. I'm sure everyone needs a little joy, unless you are a grumpy cat. Even I also have happy times. What makes me happy? Food, obviously.

Yes, cupcakes is one of those sweet little things that makes life less depressing... I mean more wonderful.

Over the weekend, I went to Ugly Cake Shop to pick up my lovely cupcakes from Lisa. It's an ONLINE cake shop. Cool, isn't it? Instead of having to travel down to a cafe, queue, find seats and enjoy the cupcakes at the physical store, you can now order it online and eat it at home.

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Ugly Cake Shop opened a few months back, and I really like this online concept so much. Besides that, they pledged to donate 20% of their profits to supplement the meals of undernourished kids in Timor-Leste. It's quite good to know you're eating something so nice and these kids are eating something much decent than their usual. 

Besides baking cupcakes, they also bake other stuffs like cakes, loaf cakes, and brownies. I really like their shop name, even though it doesn't quite match with their beautiful cakes... I mean, look at their cupcakes, they're all so pretty and nicely decorated!

And if you're super lazy like YOURS TRULY, you can get them to deliver over to you. This saves your time, energy, youth and whatever else you've got. Well, unless you're living near their area, which means you're super lucky.

Personally I do like their cupcakes, it's moist and soft. Moist, not soggy or too dry. I do bake cupcakes myself (and I'm good at it ha!) so I say they really have decent cupcakes. Plus I took forever to finish my cupcakes and left in the fridge for days and it still tastes good. Of course I don't recommend anyone doing that, it's just that I was too busy and could only have them for breakfast. ALWAYS eat your cakes fresh.

I really like their peanut butter cupcake best, because I was quite surprise that they've used peanut butter flavor as their topping. It's not the typical flavor one would usually find in a normal cupcake shop I guess. 

So do check them out when you've got a sudden sweet tooth, alright?

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Ugly Cake Shop
330 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
Singapore 560330

Tuesday to Saturday 
10.30am - 6pm


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  1. Que delicia amei
    Canal de youtube:

  2. I love the way you have described the place expats should visit. On the other hand, if you are an expat and plan on moving to Singapore, do check out I found it to be very useful in finding a place.

  3. been craving for cupcake and the first thing i saw when i opened your blog is .. CUPCAKE !!! looks so yummy and i might just go out and buy some :)

    Slumber Talk

    1. Hi Dee, it seems like you have fate with cupcakes. Go and grab some for your cravings! :)

  4. My dear, your photos are GORGEOUS! <3

  5. ooh yum! these look so delicious! :D

  6. They look so goooood! Omg! *0*

    x vonyll

  7. This is such a good idea!!