KA BLOOM: Sample Store Relaunch Party!

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Hi y'all, how you doing? 

A few weeks back, I was invited as one of the beauty panelists to Ka Bloom Party organized by Sample Store. I didn't expect it to be so crowded, but when I first arrived at Fullhouse Cafe, Clarke Quay, I was quite overwhelmed by the crowd. There were people of all ages, from young ladies of my age to aunties in their groupies chit chatting. I guess beauty is indeed of all ages. 

SAM_2040_black eye

I was given this piece of paper which consisted of the 9 different brands and Sample Store booths for the day. Of course I immediately went to line up to get my paper stamped! The first 3 stamps of any earned me a goodie bag worth SGD50, and 6 stamps earned me a chance to enter the grand lucky draw. It was sad that I didn't get to win, I was 3 numbers away from the 2nd winner!

Joined with Sample Store are Miacare, a new brand entering the beauty industry offering acne patches to heal up your acne quickly. I used to purchase 3M acne patches back when I was 16 and mugging for my 'O's. It was a stressful year, I piled my acne patches in school like nobody's business. Back then the patches were super thick, and slightly more visible than what Miacare offers today. 

Of course being the kiasu lady, I bought 1 day patch and 1 night patch despite them giving me few samples. Good things must buy okay! I think they'll be out in local stores soon. Ha, love it that I gotta try it before it launches. 


Next is Belif, which I'm sure most people have already heard of. I went to this booth first because it was the nearest to the entrance. 


The rest are Enavose, POND’S, Goodal, NOV, My Beauty Diary, Tsubaki, and BRAND’S InnerShine. 


And of course, everyone knows My Beauty Diary. I love their masks so much! 


NOV has like this super cool sunscreen, which they did a demo on how their product helps to protect the face from harmful UV rays. It was super cool, and I was so tempted to get them all. Sadly they're only available at Jurong. I forgot what's that name of the Japanese departmental store, but they're only available there. Traveling there is gonna be hell-crazy. Sorry, but I'm quite a homebody.

Okay, now to the food!



Sadly for me, I didn't managed to eat ANYTHING. Because the crowd was so mega huge and being small like that, I kept having people that cut my queue wherever I went, and pushed and shoved me around in the crowds. I think people are too excited about everything that they didn't even notice this bit-size lady here. HELLO?!


Anyways, I would say it was quite the enjoyable experience but I think I spent most of my time waiting in the queues. The queue for Tsubaki free hair styling was C-R-A-Z-Y. At first I wanted to head to NOV free skin analysis, but the queue was just so terrible so I decided to just went for the free hair styling instead. But guess how long I waited? 1.5 hours. Yes sir indeed. I mean I don't actually mind waiting, but my phone died on me and because of the over-capacity, we were not able to bring a date along. I stood there stoning for 1.5 hours, close to 2 hours.

And when I finally got my hair done and wanted to queue for NOV skin analysis, they told me that their machine was faulty and had shutdown. MY SKIN!!!



But the wait was worth it! Okay, first thing first- I love my curls. Thanks Kenneth for the hairdo, I really love it!! I like how he did my fringe, it's like 'fringe, now you curl away from her face so she could actually use her right eye to see!' LOVE IT!

With just my super straight hair, I usually have to tuck my hair behind my ear, which is SUPER annoying. I seriously need to get my hair CURL. 

Which brings me to the next part, happiness is not long-lasting. I waited for approximately close to 2 hours and my curls only lasted for 15 minutes MAX. Yes, my hair is stubborn like that, I know. 

Can you see the difference from the first pic? This was only 15 minutes after the hairdo.

Another thing I like about Ka Bloom was the Instabooth! But I got a little annoyed when there were people who were abusing it by tagging their photos from months before just to get it printed out. I waited so long for my photo!


Anyways, if you are still reading, this is the most awesome part of the entire post... THE FREE GIFTS I GOT!

This was the goodie bag in exchange for stamps! And my two Miacare acne patches!




Congrats to Sample Store on the relaunch of your new site! More free samples to come, more beauty products for its members. 

Anyways, do check out NOV for its skincare products, especially their sunscreen. Personally I feel that it feels lightweight, smooth, non-sticky and easy to apply. Although its SPF is darn high, but you can remove just using facial cleanser, no need makeup remover. Great for lazy people like me. Plus they are specialized in products for sensitive skin. 

Miacare is good too, I think young girls should stock up some just in case of some weird pms situations and pimples start to grow... Wait, it don't just only happen to me right?


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  1. Love your skirt! It's a great color and style!


  2. Cute skirt :D


  3. Wow, it was amazing party, personally I love samples :)


    1. Yeah it is. You can join Sample Store, a lot of samples for you to choose :)

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! Such a cute launch party xx