Cafe Hopping: Hidden Gem

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It's been awhile since my last cafe trip. Anyways, I was supposedly to go 'exercise' but I ended up finding myself at this particular cafe for brunch. Food 1-0 Angelus. 

Most of you guys may realized that there have been a recent trend of cafes opening up at industrial area. Firstly, it's cheaper to open a cafe at industrial area. Secondly, it gives the people working there a break from all the canteen food. Thirdly, the rent would be cheaper, and maybe given get a bigger space. 


Le Cafe was one of these industrial cafes. I decided to pay them a visit and try out their food. I would say it would of course be more expensive to the canteen food selling there, but I'm sure when people are sick and tired of eating the same canteen food every day, they could switch it to the cafe. 

One particular thing I really like is the generous portion they offer. It is really hard to find places where they are so generous with the food portion these days. I think if you're not a big eater, you might not even finish the food. Their fries were great, very big portion too. I ended up unable to finish the fries because it was too much. I think their latte wasn't too bad, but it wasn't that strong. 

It's hard to get there, you gotta take a bus in. But if you drive, good for you. I was starving when I got there, so I think they took awhile to get ready, around 20 minutes. 

Overall, it seems like this trend of opening cafes at industrial areas seems to be picking up. I should totally try other cafes too. If you're one for big food portion for the standard cafe prices, visit Le Cafe. You could also cafe hop to other places since Kallang has quite a few cafes too.

66 Kallang Pudding Road
#01-02 Hor Kew Business Centre
Singapore 349324

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    1. Yeah, it's quite decent with big portion! love it

  2. following you on bloglovin now (waiting for you to follow back) and honestly, you've got one of the nicest, neatest blog layout :)

    1. Hi Annick,
      Thanks! I just followed you back on Bloglovin' too. XO

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Ooh this all looks delicioussss xx

  4. Ohh yummy, everithing looks sooo delicious !

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks! The initial table was too small, we ended up switching to a bigger one hahha.