Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Writer's Note:

Hi guys! I wrote this a few months back when I experienced some out of comfort zone situations. I got inspired to write them down and share them with you. Took me awhile to post this as I was searching for the right photos to go with.

Y’all know what am I talking about right? We all have our own little comfort zone. I’m not talking about personal space; what I’m referring to is an act of doing something out of what we normally do. Like breaking your daily routine, for example. 

It doesn't matter whether it’s something small or super majorly big. It’s just doing something we wouldn't normally do. We are so comfortable living as it is, that we neglect doing things that are different. 

Sometimes we want to do something different, but it’s because we are afraid to get out of our comfort zone. It can be as big as going on a solo trip overseas, to bungee jumping or just some little stuff like watching the latest movie in theater alone. 

We are so comfortable with our daily routines that we do not want to mess it up. We are so organized that we are afraid that if we are to make a spontaneous decision, we would probably fuck it up. 

But at the same time, we feel so empty. We are tired of the same damn routine, yet we do not want to change it. The idea of changing and doing something different for once scares most of us. It’s like “I’m gonna try wearing smoky eye makeup, but I’m afraid of the mean comments people would give, or mistake me as an emo fucker.”

Sometimes routine can be good, but after doing the same old thing again and again and again every fucking single day, it gets fucking bored. It’s like “MY LIFE HAS NO MEANING!!” I get it; I feel the same way too. I've been working in an office for at least 3 months now, and honestly, when I first started working, it was horrible. Like, I gotta sleep so early because I've got to wake up super early for work. At that time my body clock was used to sleeping at 4-6 am in the morning. It was either due to the partying or online stalking everything and anything till early morning. But I hate it that I was forced to switch my body clock back to day time to suit my job. 

Right now, my body clock has set my sleep mode at around 12 midnight to 1 am. It’s really good, but the problem is that I’m getting very sick and tired of the same routine. I wake up every morning, rush to work, rush back home, watch TV, have dinner, use the Internet, and get ready for bed. It’s the same old routine again and again and again.

I feel safe with this routine. It’s the kind of routine whereby you know you wouldn't fuck anything up, but it’s so safe that it gets very boring. Sometimes I would change my routine a little by going out or having dinner with friends (I've not much friends, so it happens once like forever), but the next day I would get so tired that I’m like, “WHY DID I DO THAT?! I SHOULD HAVE STAYED HOME!!” I mean I know it’s hard to make decision like this. I’m constantly struggling to juggle between ‘staying at home for life’ and ‘let’s go out and socialize’

Back to the point, so yesterday at work, I was faced with some situation which leaves me no choice but to get out of my comfort zone. It’s nothing too big, but it’s still something. 

My colleagues were in this super serious meeting, and I was left alone to handle the office. A manager came to me with this particular situation, and in order to get it done, I've gotta get my colleagues out from that super serious meeting. For me, I really hate doing things that make me uncomfortable. For this instance, having to barge into the super serious meeting is kinda rude and embarrassing for me as I don’t really like this kind of ‘attention’. 

So what I did was, I what’s app my colleagues, hoping they would respond to me if they saw it. But they did not. And that situation was kind of critical and urgent. I called my colleagues, hoping she would leave the meeting room to answer my call. She did not. By that time, I was freaking out. I really hate to barge in to anything because it probably leaves like a super bad impression. 

But life left me no chance to make any decision. The only way was to barge in. So I did. Of course not barge in and yell at everybody, but I acted super maturely. I knocked, opened the door and stepped in. At that moment, I froze, because I interrupted this importable speaker and everybody was staring at me. Thank god I recovered pretty quickly. 

Oh, another situation that life had thrown onto me was being asked to play bowling with my boss and colleagues. I thought I could simply reject them. I did. I said, “Nah, I’ll watch you guys play. I don’t think I’m wearing the right attire to bowl, like I’m wearing a dress today.” But they were like “No! You must play!” Even my boss said that. Democracy- all my colleagues wanted me to play. 

The problem did not just lies on my attire alone. I was never a bowler. I couldn't bowl for real. I've been to a bowling alley once for a secondary 1 cohort trip, and I did not bowl at all. (In fact, I have had the worse experience because I got bullied. I got surrounded by a group of at least 10 girls accusing me of something I did not do. But we will leave this for next time.)

Anyway, so when I first bowled, naturally it went straight for the drain. And I couldn't carry anything because they were all damn heavy. I took an 8 anyway. Whenever I bowled, I would tried my very best to swing it in but I think I ended up throwing it on the floor and the floor probably break if I play for 3 hours. But I got better, practice makes perfect. 

My arm and fingers got tired and I was left with minimum strength. I don’t know if my actions were funny, or because I suck too much. My colleagues were all laughing when I bowled. They insisted that I was ‘cute’ but I think they were just being nice, too nice. I suck at bowling. But it was my first time doing it anyway. I got 34 points and I’m not ashamed of telling you, because I know I tried. 

It was way out of my comfort zone because I’m not really the sporty kind of person, and I don’t bowl. But since life threw me off the guard like this, I just take it as it is. What’s the point of being a whiny bitch and throw tantrums? Life doesn't always go the way you want. But at the end of it, it was a pretty cool experience for me. I mean I still don’t bowl well, but at least I gained some exposure in this field.

But I get very uncomfortable being laughed at. It’s like “Angelus, why do you suck so much? Why can’t you do it right? YOU FORGOT TO SQUAT AGAIN YOU ALMOST EXPOSE YOUR FUCKING ASS!!!” But my colleagues were nice, and they encouraged me and taught me a little.

But getting out of comfort zone means you gotta do something you’re uncomfortable doing. So I just embraced the situation and bowled anyway. And when I bowl terribly, I just laughed along with them.

I guess my point is to try out the things we are uncomfortable doing. Like public speaking for the first time, confessing to the crush you like, or trying a dish that you are afraid (not necessarily gotta try bug eating, but you know what I mean).

You may like it, you may hate it. For me, bowling was a great experience. I would totally go bowling again if I have the chance. I guess in life, we must constantly challenge and improve ourselves. It won’t be calling living if we are just doing the same routine over and over. Surviving and living are different, so we should all start living a little more. It’s easy said than done, because there are so many things we need to do and the opportunities are rare. So when one shows up, we should really make full use of it.

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  2. Really awesome post, I loved that you shared your story. I think comfort zones mean we've found someplace safe, which is okay, as long as they don't hold us back from doing what we truly want to be doing or being who we want to be. Enjoyed this a lot :)