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What are you grateful for? How grateful are you? There are people who wake up every day feeling positive and thankful for their lives. There are people who take it for granted and only realized it when things rolled down hill. Sadly, most of us fall into the latter category.

November has been quite decent for me. I have plenty of ups and downs, plenty of mood swings and tears but I guess it shouldn't be listed as one of the terrible months. At least I hope not.

If you haven’t heard, I experienced quite a bad situation during my second week of November. But I’m going to share my “almost-panicked attack” experience happened during the first week of November.

Some of you might not follow me on Twitter; I was following my sister to my hair salon J7 Image located in Orchard. It was a tiring day and did nothing in the salon as I waited for my sister. So by the time we were about to go home, the sun had set. I was beating tired and in my carelessness, I left my precious iPhone in Scott’s Square’s washroom.

I did not realize this until I boarded the train and was halfway home. I had a mini panic attack when I realized my phone was not in my bag. I recalled someone knocking into me before I boarded the train, so I thought I might have dropped it there.

I quickly disembarked and waited for the return train back to Orchard station. I looked around and saw a couple waiting for train. I ran over to borrow a phone from the woman. She looked confused but when she sort of knew what was going on, she turned to her partner. He was being skeptical, so I told him my number and he dialed for me. No one answered. He dialed my sister’s number. I explained to my sister and told her to spam call my phone. I thanked the man and took the train back to Orchard station.

By then I have already recapped and narrowed down two possible locations that my iPhone could be. I went back to the place where I thought I might have dropped my phone, but it was not there. Half walking, half running, I ran to Scott’s Square. I was dead tired and I was never the sporty type. I barely make it to the mall, and I was already panting like a dog and feeling like I was about to throw up. (Probably due to my mini panic attack and hunger pangs, my previous meal was 8 hours ago)

Still, I dragged my tired ass over, coughing as I went along. When I reached the cubical, my iPhone was not there. Usually at this point I probably would have started to sob badly. I still remember that one time my bag got stolen in a club (along with my salary, wallet, iPod and many other things…), and I sat outside of the club crying angrily and going insane for hours. (URL)

I asked the washroom cleaner aunty and was told she did not see any phone and that someone just went out from this cubical. I chased out quickly, hoping to catch the ‘thief’, but I couldn’t find anyone. So I went back in to double check the cubical again.

This is also ‘that moment’ I wondered to myself if I have ‘grown up’ or ‘just doesn’t seems to give a fuck anymore’ because I stoned. I could feel that I have completely given up hope in finding my iPhone. I accepted the reality faster than I thought I could. My iPhone is the closest thing I ever have and it is very important to me. It is called iPhone for a reason. I. I don’t think I would panic if I lost or misplaced myself. #truestory

Anyways, I thought a little annoyed. Because the washroom old cleaner aunty gave me the reality check, THRICE.

“Your phone has been taken away!” She repeatedly nagged at me three times.

Look old lady, I don’t think you realized, I know.

I was about to lose my cool and told her off so I walked out of the washroom. (And she was still saying it while I walked off.)

I walked out of the ladies and I saw this guy standing outside, I guess he was waiting for someone.

So I tried to borrow his phone. He was quite skeptical as well, but he clarified a few questions with me before spontaneously passing his phone to me. I guess also because I was still panting like a dog, it made it easier to believe my dramatic story. I rang my sister’s number and she told me my phone was with the mall security. I passed his phone back to him, told him about my phone and thanked him.

He was like, “cool, that’s great.” Such a cool dude.

Somehow, I couldn’t locate the security office so I ended up asking a mall cleaner and found out that she was the one who found my phone and handed over to the mall security. She even brought me to the security office. She was my savior! I thanked her a million time before she returned to work, and of course thanked the security officer as well.

Anyways, I’m really grateful for all the help I received from all these kind-hearted strangers. They could have just stared at me with disbelieved, shrugged and walked off. Of course, also great thanks to my sister for spam calling my phone.

They probably won’t come across this post, but I still want to thank them for being so helpful and sympathetic.

By just doing something that one might think is a small gesture, one can actually help someone to achieve something and change the whole outcome. I mean, if no one had lent me their phone, I could be left stranded and feeling helpless. If the mall lady decided to keep the phone, she could have a new phone but someone else (me) would left with no phone and negative emotions.

Therefore, I think Singaporeans are actually very nice and helpful. (Especially after the recent scamming incidents in SLS, when most Singaporeans stood up for a tourist) iPhone users are nice as well, because those two guys who lent me their phone are iPhone users. (And I totally would lend someone my iPhone if they told me they need to use it badly) Weirdly, despite most people have already switched to Android, I was still able to find people with iPhone to help me. I mean, I did not even deliberately find iPhone users, I was already having a mini panic attack, ain’t nobody got time for that.

So, this is my gratitude post to those helpful strangers. What are you grateful for?



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  1. It always a sermon or seeing something bad happen before I realize how thankful and grateful I'm (not good I tell you). Right now I'm grateful for my daughter, family, and job which provides me with all the needs and wants in life.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  2. hahahaha nice post and info, be thankful!

  3. Oh my dear, I read through your post breathlessly and I'm so relieved that you got back your iPhone in the end! The people in Singapore obviously are all nice - but you deserve indeed only nice treatment. So sorry that you had such a difficult November. But I think such time happens in each life and further I'm convinced they are necessary that we can learn and develop although such times aren't really amusing ... I'm greatful for my health, my husband, my family and my work. And I'm happy that I have so many wonderful readers of my blog and I want to thank you that you are always stepping by and leave such interesting, kind and beautiful comments <3

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
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  4. So happy that you got your iphone back! :) At the end of the day, there's something to be grateful of no matter how difficult things turns out to be. I'm always grateful everyday, for being able to wake up , I'm grateful for having a happy family, I'm grateful for having my sweet baby and mostly I'm grateful that God had given me this wonderful life. :)
    Thanks for sharing♥
    Best regards,