Terrible Experience at Beauty Salon

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Updated: My beautician called me up this morning and apologized for the wasted hour. She explained that the receptionist was not doing her job of informing my beautician that I was already in my room. Of course that was none of my business; in fact they should sack the stupid receptionist for being so bloody stupid. I hope they take actions on this. Also, my beautician promised an additional free session for me. Whether they will deliver or not, that’s another question for next time. 

Hey guys, guess where am I on this beautiful Saturday afternoon? I’m at Vivo City Starbucks, enjoying my delicious hot chocolate. Life sounds prefect, isn't it? I beg to differ. You will not believe what I encountered just 30 minutes ago. 

Backtrack, it has been awhile since I visited my facial salon, and admittedly my pimples are terrible. My facial appointment was around 2 pm but I thought I might be late, so I rang them to see if they were able to push back the timing by an hour or two. The receptionist told me that my Beautician, let’s call her A, was fully booked. Hence I informed her that I would be slightly late, around 2:15. As a polite customer, I should inform them instead of going MIA. Usually if you’re later than 15 minutes, it’s polite to call and inform them just in case they thought you are not coming and cancel your appointment. She told me it would be okay. 

Anyway, I reached at 2:15 on the dot and at that moment, the receptionist was busy on the phone. I waited for her and when she finally got off the phone, she told me it was best to visit the ladies first and I agreed. I went to the ladies, came back and she showed me into the room and told me to change into their clothes/towel and that my beautician would join me shortly. At that point of time, it was 2:30. 

I changed and waited for A to come in. 15 minutes passed, yet no one had walked into my room; or even knocked on my door. “It’s okay, I’ll continue to wait. Maybe she’s ending another session with a customer,” I thought to myself. 

At around 2:55, a beautician opened the door and saw me in their clothes/towel waiting. She then closed the door and walked off. I thought maybe she didn't realize I was inside and wanted to use the room. Anyways, I doubt she even went to the front desk to check for me. So I continued to wait. 

I began to feel restless when I checked my phone and realized it was 3:00. Of course anyone would get restless after waiting for 30 minutes. The internet connection over there was pretty terrible, so I couldn't entertain myself while waiting. My phone battery was dying as well. I wanted to get someone to help me ask (ask what?), but when I opened the door there was no one present. 

I know people would think at that moment, after waiting for 30 minutes, I should get out of the room and ask the receptionist. Mind you that I had changed into their clothes/towel and it is really troublesome to change back, and change again. Imagine doing that multiple times if no one shows up. I paid for the service - the minimum I expect is for someone to turn up. 

Around 3:15, someone walk passed my room. Judging from the conversation she was having, she must have been a customer. After 5 minutes or less, someone walked quickly into her room (I've no time to respond, as I only heard the door open and then close). A conversation started with the customer; I couldn't hear them clearly but her facial session must have begun. I was quite pissed off by then because if they could serve a customer in less than 5 minutes, why did they make me wait for so long? 

By 3:30, I had waited in the room for an hour. I decided not to wait anymore. I changed back into my clothes and decided to leave the god forsaken place. The two ladies at the front desk (one was the receptionist that served me) stared at me with blank expression. 

I was so frustrated and upset, and so I said, “I've been waiting for A, in my room, for an hour.” 

Yes, I glared at the receptionist. But I remained calm and composed. 

She then said she would check for me, and had me wait at the couch. She returned saying I should return to my room while she gets A for me. 

Hell no, I’m not risking another of my hour. “No, I've got no time to keep waiting.” I said it with a firm tone. 

“Do you want to speak to A?” She had an unsure look on her face. 

“Ask her to call me.” I said. 

“Do you want to book the next appointment,” still having that uncertain look on her face. 

“No, and please get A to check her schedule before she calls me.” I said in a firm tone again, and glared at her, making sure she knows that I am very unhappy about this entire incident. 

With that, I left the salon. 

Many people would have already unleased their emotions (i.e. rage and anger) at the service people. They would probably be super pissed off, scold the shit out them and unleash their anger onto everyone. It was not that I don’t dare to speak up for myself or being gutless. I would, but I have to be professional - I kept my cool. I remained very calm throughout the entire incident. I did speak out, and I did make sure they know that I’m unhappy about it. 

Let me tell you, I was on my period and the ‘inner Angelus’ was raging like a mega evolved Charizard ready to blast its enemies off the battlefield at the speed of light. I was feeling upset like I wanted to cry, and I was raging like I wanted to stab things; but I kept my cool. No small effort. 

Of course I gave them death glares (tons of those) and replied in a short, firm and cold tone, and gave off a vibe that (I hope) tensed the environment. I guess it did - they were happily chit-chatting and then they stopped and gave me that uncertain look throughout the whole conversation. 

This is the part where I would like to give myself a pat on my shoulder for handling the situation well. You did not lose your cool; you kept your temper under control and did not let your emotions take control of you. Classy move back there! 

But of course, I knew before I walked out of my room that if I stomped to the front desk, I would scold the shit out of everyone, and ultimately everything will look ugly, including myself. 

I wasn't there to degrade my image or create a scene. An adult knows how to handle situation. A classy lady knows how to control her temper but also lets others know not to cross the line. 

If you disagree with me and feel for them instead, I present you with logic. 

I paid for the service, and I expect the minimum of: 

1) Beautician to promptly to show up in my room. 
2) Professionally perform what the correct treatment. 

To retain a customer, service performer should: 

1) Achieve a higher customer service standard 
2) Interact with customers to build relationships 
3) Excel in her skillsets which will attracts customers 

Instead I got: 

1) No treatment, even after confirming that I will show up, at a specific timing. A waste of time. 
2) Zero positive interaction from the receptionists. They could have told me A was busy with something and I could have gone shopping in the meantime. 

So that was how I spent my Saturday afternoon - wasting my time in room with a bad internet connection. My cramps were hurting pretty badly, so I ended up camping at Starbucks for hot chocolate. My phone was at 1% battery left when she called and then my phone died. I ended up going home without music and entertainment. It was a boring trip home. 

My expenses were on lunch, Starbucks and transportation. I could have just stayed home if I didn't have an appointment. Could have saved the money with home cooked meals, self-made hot chocolate and no transport fees, and spent it on paying for tuition fees in the future. 

On a final note, the previous few times I had my facial appointments at Plaza Sing, but my beautician got transferred to Harbor Front and asked me to move my appointments there too. If I could spontaneously agree to get transferred to a place I need to spend more time travelling to, then why could she not have, out of basic courtesy if not professionalism, done her best to serve me promptly?


Moving on to a happier topic, I went to have lunch at Vivo and took some photos!






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  1. The dish look so darn good by the way. Sorry for the experience at the salon. At least she called to apologize, which is always good.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

    1. Yes, it was quite good. Yes, I thought it was her fault, turns out it was the receptionist. The receptionist should have admit and apologize for her mistake instead of keeping quiet and make me think the fault was on my beautician.

  2. Wow, I read this horror story of yours while I was eating breakfast earlier this morning and I felt so bad for you! I'm proud of you for staying classy and collected instead of going super crazy at them (it would have given them something to be b*tchy about later even though they deserved it)! Some people are just ridiculous and I hope you don't experience that again-- I have had similar experiences. For instance, I had a friend who repeatedly is SUPER late to our dates. She has shown up an hour and a half late to a scheduled meeting and with barely a good excuse. It's almost worse when you're obliged to be nice to them still because I don't even know her THAT well. It's why I try to avoid making dates with her in the first place haha.

    People need to honour other people's time or they are being incredibly inconsiderate and rude!

    xx Debbie


    1. Thank you! Yeah I hope no one will encounter it again. Yes, if I were you, I would avoid her since we are not that close. If my close friends are to be late, I think I'll be okay with that. Yes, and people need to admit their own mistake instead of keeping quiet and make them think it's other people's fault too. xoxo

  3. Yum that lunch looks good

  4. That sounds awful. Some services are just horrible. However, adore your blog and you're so pretty x


    1. Thank you Louise :) Yeah, hope this doesn't happen again.

  5. wow I'm glad you stylist call to apologize! I hope they treat you with that free deal she was talking about, we all go to a beauty salon to relax and look beautiful, not to wait and be upset!


    1. Yeah Milu, you're right. My consultant called me and apologized so I wasn't so pissed off.

  6. I'm so sorry that this happened to you, this was indeed an wasted Saturday afternoon ... Service can be so bad I don't know why some people don't feel responsible for their jobs. Wish you by all my heart that this will never happen again to you and that at least in such situations you have a good internet connection and enough battery :)

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena


    1. Yes Ikr, thank you! I went back yesterday and they were very cautious and polite this time round hahaha. Thanks for your wish :)

  7. I've never went to a beauty salon myself, but that service is just beyond terrible!


    1. Yeah, I hope that never happens to you if you ever visit one! ><