Me and My Obsession with Instagram

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Well hello everybody! Guess by now everyone should know my obsession with Instagram. I need to snap a thousand photos of food before eating it, and if you dine with me, you're not allow to touch your food until everyone's food arrives so I can take a top down/ flat shot of our meal.

Screw all those solo food shots, and hello cutie flat top shots. I'm just into the food photography trend; don't say my shots are typical! If you haven't followed me on my Instagram... Seriously, what are you doing? Show me some love!

Guilty, yes, I've been spending more time editing and taking square photos for my Instagram. As you know, I've recently changed my Instagram layout from regular photos, back to square photos. At least I was quite skeptical- I was worried that I would need to take square photos and it will look all common and boring. Guess I was wrong. I have always been wrong. Just like when I changed my blog layout three months ago. I was so worried that my readers wouldn't like the new one. But so far, I have received only compliments from nice readers about my layout. So glad I decided to make a change in the little things in my life. It doesn't look much, but it will make a big different in the future. 

The only problem I face after changing my Instagram to square is having to take more photos than usual. In addition to regular photos for my blog, I need to take square photos as well, for the sake of my Instagram. Also, I ended up spending more time and focus on Instagram instead of my blog.

Anyways, I went to Habitat again. I have been to Habitat many times, but I don't think I ever did a post on them. I guess it's because Habitat is quite well-known and most people would have heard of them. Every time I can't figure out where to spend my lazy afternoon, I pick Habitat.

I went there two weeks ago and took some awesome photos. Of course, if you didn't follow me on Instagram, you wouldn't know.

photo 2

photo 1

Recently I've been drinking flat white, a lot. It's great, but caffeine has a strange effect on me. It only begins to work 6 hours after I drink it, so I need to drink it in the morning in order to stay awake in the afternoon. But if I drink coffee in the afternoon, you will see owl Angelus. 

Alright, since we all have established the fact that Habitat is a popular cafe since, like, forever. I'm just going to share with you why I like going to Habitat. 

One. It's convenient. It's just in front of the traffic light and there is a direct bus there for me from the interchange. But it's a slightly long ride. 
Two. They have great truffle fries. Must try! 
Three. They have seafood pasta, and I love it! 
Four. Friendly staff.

I don't really dig crowds, so sometimes I would avoid going there. Sometimes the crowd gets a little too noisy and I couldn't take it, or I couldn't concentrate. Finding seats is an annoying task. I usually will see familiar faces too. 




If was funny, because I was feeling so full after eating a huge waffle ice cream over at November 8, but I could just jump over to Habitat and finished their seafood pasta. There, you can tell how delicious their pasta is, or what a fat pig I am.

Anyways, have you been to Habitat? Do you like it? 

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  1. hahha i guess all the gen y-sers now all are like that!
    the food can never be eaten hot! hahaha
    maybe restaurant or cafe should think of some other way to counter this! hahaha

    Eat All You Can Here!!

    1. Yes, you're so right. And that's why customers turnover not high, because everyone takes forever on photo taking before digging in their food. LOL!