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Hello there fellas, these few days I have been staying at home doing nothing and feeling aimless. But that is just fine, isn’t it? 2014 is coming to an end, I’m not sure about you but I can’t wait to jump right into 2015. 2014 has been nothing but a tough year for me, full of dramas and nonsense. I hope by jumping to 2015, things will eventually get better. Who am I to kid? But one can only hope…

I am currently having this post Korean drama breakup/ drama hangover. Two days ago, I began watching The Heirs. Yes, it was a 2013 show, but who cares. I saw it on Channel U and decided to watch it online instead. Who has time to watch for them to air twice a week with all the TV commercials?

One of the few things I enjoy about drama series is the characters development. Usually it starts off with the characters being super immature, but full of life. Then after experiencing a lot of episodes of pain and loss, the characters began to learn and gain experiences in life. I think that point alone makes TV series so much interesting. It feels like we are watching someone else’s life. (Spoiler Alert: I'm gonna talk about it below)

The Heirs got my interests when Channel U was showing episode 4, when Cha Eun Sang was getting to know Kim Tan and having so much fun in America. The show slowly gets more dramatic when both of them returned to Korea and have their fate intertwine. The sad part is I got kind of bored during the ‘hardship’ part as there were no plot twists and everything was so predictable, so I ended skipping from part to part.

It is always fun to watch the bonding part where tons of funny cute incidents happened. But when plot thickens and things begin to look more complicated than before, it either catches the viewer’s attention or the viewer just stop watching. That was what happened to ‘You’re Beautiful’, I knew Park Shin Hye was going to end up with the lead male actor, but the plot was so unbearable to watch, I decided to not finish the show.

This time round, I was prepared to ship Cha Eun Sang with Kim Tan all the way, but somehow Choi Young Do managed to steal the show for that few episodes. Kim Tan was quite useless during those episodes when the plot thickens and it seriously got on my nerves. (Side track, I never like Lee Min Ho until this show because he looked darn cute here, but his character got on my nerves… not him) Choi Young Do seems to be able to protect Cha Eun Sang better than Kim Tan, but of course because she met and fell for Kim Tan first, so there is no way she would ever end up with Choi Young Do.

The supporting male lead always seems to have a very sad background tagged to them, so when they did not end up with the female lead (as always), it makes them even sadder than they already are.

It has been two years since my last ‘modern’ Korean drama show (I fear of hangovers), so I would say I really enjoy this show a lot.

The saddest part about the show is Choi Young Do, for unrequited first love and poor dad sent to jail; and also Kim Tan’s brother, who would, always, had to carry the weight of the crown for the rest of his life, and let go of the woman he loved so much.

“When we were eighteen, we fell in love, liked each other, cried, ran away, knelt down, and turned our backs from each other countless of times. Nevertheless, when we were eighteen, we ran into each other’s arms, held each other’s hands, and held each other tightly against each other. We may fall again, and we may get on our knees, however, one thing’s certain, no matter what, go for it.”

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