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Hello jolies dames! As a typical vain girl, I constantly find myself adding too many cosmetics into my wanted list. There is no such thing as too many products despite that our face seems too limited for all the products. However, I do not particularly like to shop for high end products and local products. As a broke girl, there is no way I could afford high end products without starving myself, and I would always pick Japanese or Korean cosmetics over local makeup brands.

I am sure I am not the only one. With the increase of Korean trends, girls are picking more Korean makeup products over these past few years. I was quite glad there are certain Korean makeup brands popping up in local retail stores, but as a lazy girl who still wants to look pretty, I always opt to shop online.

I am always too cautious to buy makeup online. But recently I got introduced to a makeup online store that is quite reliable. Primer Room has various makeup products, from eyes to lips. They focus on mostly Korean products, but they have a few Japanese products as well. I was quite pleased to see 3CE (3 concept eyes) cosmetics there. I have never tried 3CE products before, but I know many ladies have been raving over it. Why? That’s because Stylenanda, that’s why. 


Hence, I tried Primer Room. The products are below retail price, and most products are on ready stock. I bought 3CE lip products because I realized I never own any lip products, like ever. Primer Room does not charge for shipping, which is super awesome, but you got to spend a minimum of $40 to enjoy home delivery. It means I can be lazy and not pay extra for being lazy.

The interface of Primer Room is pretty simple and easy to navigate. Basically anybody who is bad at navigating complicated websites can be stress-free. The layout is pretty straight to the point and all you need to do is simply add the items to cart and check out. Before you check out, you can key ‘AO15’ for a 10% direct off from your items. The service delivery is very on point as well. I was at home at day, but somehow I missed the delivery guy, and he called me twice and left me a message saying he left my items on my door. Their service was really good, for I probably would have flare up for having such a ‘missing’ customer. I was at home but just not in touch with the real world and my electronic world. Yes, it happens.

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Despite the lack of color from the gradient, I still like the Jumbo Lip Crayon because it acts more like a lip balm for me than a lipstick. The Charm Nude creamy lipstick seems pretty decent, but I don’t think I suit nude lipstick (I looked like cancer patient). That is also probably because I’m bias; I like red lipstick (because Taylor Swift, that’s why).

For all my readers, you can quote ‘AO15’ for 10% off from all purchase, available till 31 Jan 2015.

So hurry grab all those cosmetics, because- why not? Follow Primer Room on their Instagram too!

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  1. i really like 3ce's products..

    1. Yeah I recently discovered, really like it too :)

  2. Perfect post. I like it a lot. :)