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Hello darlings! So I shared with you dress tips for proms, and today I’m going to share with you some tips for general formal events. Usually the host will let you know the theme of the party, but the most common theme for formal parties would usually be monochrome.

Of course before picking an outfit, we must consider the occasion. The dress you wore to a formal wedding might not be suitable to wear for a work party. So it is better to get different dresses for different parties to avoid making embarrassing mistakes.

For day weddings, it is usually kept casual. Thus a knee-length dress could do the trick. However, an evening wedding would call for a little more formal, floor length gown. Of course you must not draw all the attention from the bride. I guess that is the most difficult part. You won’t want to overdress or underdress.  

For cocktail parties, I guess it would be more of a casual fit, unlike evening weddings. Usually girls would wear little black dresses, super basic. Dresses with embellishments get more attention, of course. You can read more of how I find cocktail dresses here.

For dinner parties, a graduation or birthday party would be less formal compared to an engagement party. For outdoor parties, usually dresses are kept short and casual.

For work parties, this is more complicated because you don’t want to dress like a Christmas tree or be deemed unprofessional. I guess pick something safe and formal instead.

I picked out a few formal pieces that caught my attention on They provide different kind of prom dresses, party dresses, cocktail dresses and more. I really like their black formal dresses collection. 

Wearing plain black dresses can be a little too boring, that’s why I picked this dress. It has rhinestone pieces to define your waist line and the dress fall nicely on floor length. You can match it with a bold statement bracelet piece. You can wear this dress for engagement parties.

If you don’t fancy long dresses, you can still dress formally with a mid-length dress as well. It is body hugging hence no need to define your waist line. But you can match it with a bold statement necklace. I really like the edgy feel on top. You can try wearing this for graduation or birthday parties.

If you couldn’t make up your mind on either long or short dresses, you can pick this chiffon crisscross dress. I really like it as it slightly expose your legs, making you looked taller. However, because of the exposure, better not wear that for work parties.

So what do you think, which dresses would you pick to a formal event?

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  1. I love the look of the last dress, but it looks kind of short. Short in a "if I move at all you will see my bum" type of way.

    :] // ▲ ▲

    1. It's a little short, try to avoid for school dance or work parties. It should be fine if you're partying with your girlfriends though haaha. xo

  2. Pretty dresses

  3. There is a saying, the more choices, the more short wedding dresses

  4. Gorgeous dresses, they look lovely!