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Hello darlings! I have showed you a little on picking a prom dress, but how about a graduation dress? Like prom, you will take millions of photos on graduation day, so you must be prepared. Pick your best outfit – if you wear something you dislike, you will end up seeing it everywhere such as on your friends’ social media platforms and it would probably be there for a very long time.

Since graduation is nearing (in few months!), why not start browsing for the best dress? People usually associate graduations with graduation robes - the fact that because you are wearing a robe over, that you could just simply wear anything below. Yes you must wear something comfortable, but bear in mind that once you remove the robe, the entire cohort will see you in your PJ (if you wear that, that’s it). In fact you will spend a considerable amount of time without your robe on graduation day, such as before and after the ceremony. What happens if your classmates decided to have an impromptu celebration right after the ceremony and you are the only one that didn't dress up?

This is one of the occasions where you should dress to impress because it’s your day. Since this is one of the important milestones in your life, why not pair it with a wonderful dress? Since it is such a special occasion, why not put in more effort in dolling up?

I picked out a few pretty graduation dresses that on that caught my attention. They provide different kind of prom dresses, party dresses, cocktail dresses and more.

I think this dress is very cute yet conservative. It is appropriate for gradation since there will be tons of parents and lecturers there. Plus, it would be better to wear something light and sleeveless since you will be wearing a robe over it and it might get a little toasty. You can match it off with a simple nude color heels to finish off the outfit. Picking a simple white dress also means you can put on a more natural makeup. Plus you want to be more of yourself in your graduation photos, isn't it?

Next, I picked yet another conservative dress as well. It has a little more revealing side at the back if you wish to be more daring. I picked a lighter color dress because graduation is a happy occasion and light colors will reflect positive mood. You can match a cute bracelet with this simple and chic dress. And again, you can wear it with minimum makeup as well. You can match with a pair of nude or white heels to go with this sophisticated look.

If you want to read more on a few picks on prom dresses or formal dresses, you can check them out here.

Do you like these graduation dresses? What did you wear for your graduation dresses? Let me know!

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  1. You are so right, for such occassions we should really select the best dress! Otherwise we would hate the pictures :) Love your selection, on your taste is always rely <3 Wish you a happy start into the new week!
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

    1. Yes, memories can fail you but photos are evidences we can't get rid of, esp in Internet! Thank you Rena, you have a great week too! <33