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Hello folks! Happy 2015, has 2015 been kind to you so far? I started 2015 by felling sick. The first night after the countdown, I couldn't sleep because I was feeling super unwell. I could only fell asleep by morning. Indeed my horoscope was right; it will be a hell of a year for my health.

I spent my holidays being a homebody. I love it; in fact, I finished two Korean dramas and my Hunger Games Trilogy. It was pretty amazing, I could rest and recharge. Now that I am back to work, I am earning money, so it is also good for me. I spent way too much last month on presents and gifts and I will need to buck up this month.

My mental well being has a slight improve, I guess. I still don’t feel happy, but at least I am no longer that depressed as before. I guess reading helps a lot. As I read, I focus all my energy to the plot itself, and I spent most of my non-reading moments thinking about the plot.

I finished the Hunger Games Trilogy in a short span of just few days. I think I will leave that review to another post, if you love Hunger Games as much as I do, you can check it out. I was quite sad with the ending (because of Mockingjay), but I guess that was the best ending anyone could ask for.

At This Moment / January

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I haven’t listened to any new songs lately, but I guess I would add these few to the list. Dark Paradise by Lana Del Rey, Blind Heart by Cazzette, Stay High by Tove Love, Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde, Hanging Tree by James Newton Howard ft. Jennifer LawrenceMelanie Martinez by Dead to Me.

I finished the two Korean dramas I mentioned in the previous posts. I watched Catching Fire again, just for the sake of comparison since I finished the book. I managed to find Mockingjay Part 1 as well, and watched it yesterday. I love Mockingjay in the movie better, because it focuses more on the ongoing plot rather than just Katniss’ POV which was basically just people telling her things that happened. I am going to watch my American drama series again since the mid-season break is over.

I have been mentioning Hunger Games nonstop since the start of this post, so I guess you’d know. I am going to start reading Maze Runner series as well. God, I love all these kinds of books. Anyone can recommend some books that are similar to those? I’d love to read them too!

I have been planning to clean up my room, but I couldn't find the time to do so. Especially when I have yet to get my 2015 planner, my life is in a mess right now. I couldn't find the right planner (because I’m picky), so I ended up having no planner since the ones I wanted were all out of stock. Yes, I plan to get a planner. Sounds good? Oh and my birthday is coming, so I am thinking if I should celebrate my 21st or just leave it… What do you think?

I pretty much just enjoying the rainy season, cozy in bed and reading books. Oh and also many deep thoughts on the books I am reading. It is good, better than having depressing thoughts about my life yeah?

Not much feeling this month, just a lot of deep thoughts. I guess maybe just feeling stressful because I have yet chose the school and course I want to major in for my degree. Banking and Finance? How about Accountancy? Or maybe I could take Arts major?

Oh talking about that, I have a serious inner shopaholic trying to gain control of me. I got the urge to buy tons of clothes and accessories. Yes, and I want a planner. Or at least, I need one. I also want to declutter my life a bit.  


So how was your 2015 so far? Any plans or bucket lists to complete for 2015?


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  1. aww its a shame your started the year off not feeling too well! i hope you feel better now and have a great 2015! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. Thanks for your comments. Like your inspiring blog :)