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Cakes, everyone’s favorite. I don’t think anyone could ever dislike them. Having a sweet tooth is just not me, but still I would take cakes any day. I’m more of a baker than an eater for desserts. I love baking more than eating them. In fact, I like it better when people compliment or give constructive comments about my baking skills. #BakerPetta forever too.

Just last weekend, I went out (finally) for a quick lunch bite. Actually it wasn't really a quick lunch, because the place was quite far from where I live.

Buck Tile St. Café is located at the West side of Singapore, and that is nowhere near where I lived. Unfortunately all the great cafés seems to be located at the West. BTSC has great ambiance, there is no rough crowd or terrible noises. In fact I think I was the only one talking so loudly in there. Oops. I do like their concept on bucket list. It is quite cute.

BTSC provides free WiFi, different colors of sharpies and papers for their customers to write down their bucket list and hang them on the bucket list board. I participated in it too. Their clocks on their wall caught my attention. Usually you will see clocks with different timing from different countries at the Airport. BTSC has a similar concept, only that the time on the clocks is all the time, and the countries- well, they are not countries, and they are areas / locations of different parts of Singapore.


My rainbow cake came first, then the blue velvet cake. Sorry for being ignorant, but I never knew there was a blue velvet. I always thought there was only red velvet. The cakes darn delicious and I really wanted to start eating. But as a typical Instagrammer / Blogger, I knew eating it right away isn’t my thing. Cameras ready and start snapping instead of eating. 


My rainbow cake has food sex appeal, obviously. It’s called a rainbow cake for a reason. Sex appeal checked. Sweetness checked. Denseness checked. I would rate it an 8 rainbows out of 10. I prefer my cake moist over dense. The problem is that I’m not a super sweet tooth, so the sweetness overwhelmed me and I couldn’t finish it. But I guess for normal human being, that’s completely fine. I just like saltiness stuff a little more than sweet stuff. The cake was a little too big for me to finish anyway. My rainbow was slightly bigger than the Blue Velvet cake. I am pretty sure that cake size was meant for me. Plus denser cake makes you fuller quickly.


As for the Blue Velvet cake, they might have used unflavored cream, but the cake is moist and I love it. Moistness checked. Fluffiness checked. Strong vanilla flavor checked. But the intense velvet flavor wasn't there. I love velvet cakes for their velvety taste, but I couldn't really taste most of it. Still, I would rate it 7 blue cakes out of 10. 

Behind the scene of embarrassing food photography session.  

photo 3

Yes, I hope that one day I will get to know myself better, what I want and who I am; of course, and to improve myself constantly to become a better person. Oh, and to travel freely without worrying about being in debt forever and financially crippled. It has always been my dream to work for myself and take charge of my own life and career. Also because I do not want to work in a place that do a lot of politics (which most places has). If I become a badass boss, I can inspire others to be badass too. Haha.

So will I go back? Yes, if I have better transport in going, I will. Will I try other cakes? Yes, and hopefully to try their coffees as well.  Maybe if I decided to go to University, this place seems like a nice place to mug for my exams. 

Buck Tile St. Café
104 Faber Drive, 129412
6566 7058

xo Angelus

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  1. What a cute post! the multicolored cake looks delicious and you look adorable!


  2. I never had seen before such colourful cakes, I'm sure they are totally yummy :)
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  3. Wow, absolutely love the colors in those cakes! I want a piece! :)

    Chowing Down by the Bay

    1. Come Singapore! I can show you some great cafes! xo

  4. omg yumm! I never knew they had blue velvet cake either

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