Review: Arbite

by - 12:30 PM


Hello darlings! Have you tried English breakfast before? I did, only recently though. I never thought English people have such big appetite. I couldn't finish my plate of food. I went around mid afternoon, thinking I must be mad to have brunch at such hour. But still, the food portion was surprising big, I couldn't even finish it for lunch.

Sadly, I don’t really fancy their brunch much. The bacon was a little too crispy for me, but I managed to finish because it’s bacon. Duh! I think their mushroom was the best, surprisingly. The scramble eggs were only alright. To my disappointment, I couldn't even eat more than half of the sausage. I took one bite and was frantically searching for ice water. It was too spicy for my liking, I couldn't taste much. The salad was alright as well. It was a pretty normal café.

One thing I like best is the lighting there. It was very bright thus enabling me to take better shots. Everyone knows natural lighting is the best for most photos. I barely make any adjustment to the raw photos.

It was a nice afternoon, and the place was not very crowded, so I was able to enjoy a nice chat and a little daze into space. I was glad there were no big crowds because the place was a little tiny.

Overall I think one can go try their food but there was really nothing much to rave about. I need to try other places’ English breakfast to make better comparison next time. 

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