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Hello darlings! As some of you might have notice, I have always been whining and stressing over my hair loss. It was terrible; I lost like ½ of my hair! No joke! I can go on ranting about my hair but I guess most readers would get bored of that. Every time I talk about my hair, I always whine about the same issue. I really dislike it when I talked about it to people around me, and they were like ‘oh mine is worse than your case’, like how do you even know? Have you seen my hair on the floor every day? I am not sure if they were trying to justify something or trying to make me feel better, but I was super upset whenever people give me that reply. Oh, and just because I’m short, people would look at my head and be like, ‘wow what happened to your hair?’ Please, that’s so inconsiderate. I know my hair migrated to the floor; you don’t need to give me a reality check.

Hair Facts 101: A person usually loses 80-130 hairs per day. People will only notice that you are balding when you have lost almost 50% of the hair in your scalp. THERE ARE PEOPLE ASKING WHY AM I BALDING SO HOW CAN ANYONE TELL ME THEIR CASE IS WORSE THAN MINE?! What are you, a monk or something?!

Anyways, so I was selected to go for a hair treatment, many thanks to Street Directory x Luxe Scalp Specialist. It is a 2 hours treatment that will ‘revive lifeless pores and arouse hair follicles’.

Thus I went for the treatment at Tampines. As I entered, I was greeted with polite staff and was introduced to my consultant. She did a scalp scanning and analyzing, then she explained to me what the hell was going on with my hair. Apparently my hair follicles got blocked, again (why am I not surprise?) and the oil was blocking up my follicles causing my hair to fall and new ones are unable to grow because the oil was basically blocking up the entire follicle. 

She then explained to me what kind of treatment they were going to do for me. After that, she showed me to the seat where they perform ‘saving Angelus follicles mission’. In front of me was a nice cup of tea and biscuit. Any salon that places food and drink in front of me, instant plus points! Thoughtfulness counts alright!


First, the lady combed my hair for a while, and later apply ginger tonic. This was said to open up the pores, so she massaged my head after explaining. Blood circulation is good even for your scalp apparently.

Second, she applied essence oil on my hair. It was said to protect my hair, which is good of course. 


Third, she than applied Luxe unique herbal mask, a natural remedy on my scalp, it helps to strengthen hair follicles. Then she wrapped a towel around my hair and let it steam. The smell was very strong, but it was a nice smell. I feel very Chinese all of a sudden.

Forth, she explained to me that the steam was a micro-mist hair steam, which helps to boost the absorption of the herbs nutrients. Then she gave me some magazines to kill time. I got bored reading, so I ended up using Instagram instead.

photo 1 (1) 

Fifth, after 30 minutes, she brought me to another corner, where she helped me wash away the herbal mask. I was wondering why she washed for a super long time, and then I realized it was supposed to be a deep cleansing session, to make my scalp as clean as possible. She washed my hair twice with a slight massage before bringing me back to my seat.

Sixth, after drying my hair and adding heat pad on my shoulder (woo I love it, extra points for the heat pad, it really feels great! Stress and tension begone!), she applied hair tonic on my hair and massage my head with key pressure points. She explained it as to help hair regrowth.

Lastly, she gave me an infrared heat therapy, which lasted for 10 minutes. It helps to eliminate persistent bacteria and boost tonic infiltration. 

Selfie time!!!

photo 3 (1) photo 2 (1) IMG_3481
This is how I look from the mirror. Look like it grew out from my head! LOL

Before - Oil block

After - You can clearly see the follicles cleaned up now

Overall I really enjoyed the session. I love it that the lady took time to explain to me every detail and process. It was great because HERBS, that means it is chemical-free! The ambiance was very comfortable because it was quiet. Not sure why the veil, but I guess maybe it is to cover the identity of the clients. Hahaha, I mean everyone who goes there are probably very concern about their hair. But still, maybe they don’t want others to know. Maybe not everyone is like me, if someone is to say about me going hair treatments, I’ll be like ‘why can’t I be vain and concern about my hair, it’s my hair, not yours!’ But it’s great uh, I did enjoy the privacy.

Anyways, the place was quite dark, so I couldn't take many photos and most of my photos end up having to brighten them up by a lot. But it is also because of the orange lighting and dimly lit room that makes it quite comfy.

I recommend people who face hair problems to go and give it a try. Highly recommended! They are specialized in this field, and my hair problems did go away for a long while. I will definitely go back for their service again. 

133 New Bridge Road #02-28 Chinatown Point

Tampines 1 #04-29
+65 67020777

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  1. wow that's a crazy procedure

  2. Wow...the up close image of this is intense. Great review.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  3. I feel like losing hair is one of the greatest cosmetic fears for both men and women! I too get kinda scared when I see how many hairs come off my head everyday while combing or showering (which is why I only wash my hair about 3-4 times a week-- the Canadian climate allows for this). I hope this treatment helped you, how lucky that you got this experience for free! I only wish I could get such a cool prize!

    xx Debbie

    1. Hi Debbie, it did helped me for a few weeks before my scalp returns back to the old condition. I guess this kind of treatment requires a lot of time, energy, focus and money. It's sad that I only get 1 session because I really want to see more long-lasting results on my poor scalp. I tried to wash my hair once every 2 days, but Singapore weather is really humid and terrible. My hair loss is significant, entire household of hair on the floor- 95% are mine. FML