Food Tasting: Thai Boat Noodle Singapore

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Hello fellow foodies! Recently I was invited to Thai Boat Noodle Singapore to try out some of their fancy dishes. I must say I was quite delighted.

Thai Boat Noodle is a new Thai noodle bar and casual dining restaurant that serves Thai-Chinese street food. From what I hear, their ingredients come directly from Thailand. How authentic is that? Thailand’s Kuai Tiao Ruea contains pig’s blood, but not to worry, there is no blood involved in this one.

Inspired by the Thai concept where noodles are sold from boats in small bowls, their Thai Boat Noodles are sold in small bowls that cost $1/$1.50 each. They also hold a contest called ‘The Thai Noodle Eating Competition’, whereby constantans attempt to break the record set by the previous winner – currently it is 58. We’ll get back to this later.

It was quite a crowded night; there were a few tables catered for bloggers and a lot of customers. The restaurant was packed fully. I thought I arrived on time, but somehow almost everyone was already there.

We were greeted by our host who presented us with Thai Fruity Yellow Bean Paste (S$6.40 for 8 pcs). They resemble miniature fruits, which was so adorable. It was supposed to be a door gift for us; hence I bought home for my mother. She thought they were actually fruits, so cute!


The first dish was the Fried Spring Rolls (S$4.80 for 8 pcs). They were lovely. Warming up, I took a little too long to take the photos and was pleasantly surprised because the spring rolls were still warm and crispy. Usually fried food gets all soggy and cold after a while, but these spring rolls were still crispy. I like that it was crispy but not too the extent of ‘eat-me-and-get-ulcers’ kind of crispy. Y’all know I usually skip typical fast food and fried stuff unless I have no other choices left, but this was an exception - the insides were tender; however it’s slightly different from the typical Chinese spring rolls we were so used to. Typical Chinese spring rolls are packed fully and you can taste all the ingredients, but for these particular spring rolls, the insides were not fully filled up. The sour-salty taste of the Plum Sauce provided complimented the earthly flavors of the spring rolls quite well. 


Next was the crunchy Green Mango salad (S$6.80). It was a symphony of flavors- the initial tanginess of the mango and dressing, followed by a salty and spicy aftertaste that keeps you wanting more. It is a great appetizer.

Next, one by one the different types of Boat Noodle came. There are 4 types of Boat Noodles- Dry, Soup, Spicy Pork and Tom Yam. These small bowls of noodles contain Thai pork balls, prawns, straw mushroom, minced pork, egg and sliced fish, depending which one you order. 


First to come was the Boat Noodle Soup, which contains rice noodle, pork ball, bean sprout, Kang Kong, and pork broth. I was recommended to try adding different spices to my soup. Peanuts are said to go best with the soup. The red chili was delicious, but it was so hot, too hot for me. I added a tiny bit and it was super delicious.

The pork was tender, but I love their pork balls best. You might be thinking, ‘well hey, can’t we just purchase those from our local supermarket instead?’ Well, that was my thought before I ate it. I was reluctant to eat it because it looked like those typical frozen meat balls, but my first bite caught me off guard. Maybe because my expectation for the pork balls was exceptionably low, but I do say it was delicious. It tasted like meat, mixed with black pepper, not those typical pork balls of flour.  Best item in that dish, 10/10.


Then was the Boat Noodle Dry, which contains 3 types of sauce, which makes it even more flavorful (and saltier).  Their Thai black sauce is homemade; it is rich and really brings out the taste. The noodle was chewier. I prefer the dry noodle than the soup, for I like the flavorful taste. 


The last Boat Noodle I tried was their Tom Yam Noodle (S$1.50). I feel that it has more traditional taste compared to the previous two, for it had more sour taste than spicy. Typical Singapore Tom Yam dishes are way over the top spicy, but Thai Tom Yam dishes are more sour than spicy. But it still has a bearable spicy taste. The aftertaste lingers on my tongue for a while. The spiciness was still within my limits, but if you are a chili person, you can add the red chili in. 


The Tom Yam Hot Pot with Rice (S$11.80) has great presentation – it’s not common to find a Tom Yam dish presented this way. The capsaicin was evaporating, hence I don’t recommend top down shots if you’re a crazy fan of taking your food photos in flat lay. You can taste the sourness in the Tom Yam, and then the spiciness will kick in later. 


Lastly, for desserts- Thai Pandan Jelly with Coconut Milk (S$5 for 4pcs). It contains coconut milk, pandan jelly, chestnut and topped off with a kernel of corn. The chestnut gave it a nice crunch, and the jelly has a subtle pandan flavor that was not overwhelming. 


For drinks, I tried their Thai Ice Milk Tea (S$3.50), Homemade Lemongrass (S$3), and Homemade Roselle (S$3). I liked their homemade lemongrass best because I feel that their ice milk tea has authentic feel but lemongrass is a life savior for cooling down the spiciness in your mouth. Their lemongrass drink is a little sweet, slightly like sugar cane juice. You can’t smell it but the taste is strong. Although the homemade Roselle was made from natural ingredients, I felt that it had a typical flavor and don’t fancy it much. It’s probably the healthiest of the three though.  

Oh back to the eating competition topic. Let me just name you the prizes first. The winner will get an iPhone 6! If you were thinking, ‘oh I don’t even like iPhone’. Then you can still sell it away anyway. 1st Runner up will get S$200 worth of dining vouchers and 2nd Runner up will get S$100 worth of dining vouchers.

All you need to do is to get a registration form from them, fill up and start eating! The weekly best record will be qualified for the final round on 29 March 2015, Sunday, 3 PM.

I think Thai Boat Noodle has authentic food and is definitely worth a try.  You can check them out at their Facebook page, or Instagram


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  1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog! Omg this all looks amazinggg. Espesh their thai iced tea! xx

  2. The food looks amazing


  3. yummy this food looks good

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  5. you just made me super hungry :O they look so yum!

  6. Now my month is watering! You had the pleasure to enjoy food I really like! Unfortunately it is hard to geht such food here in the Bavarian country :) Also my compliments for your look - everything fits you so well and you look beautiful <3
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
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    1. Thank you for your kind and interesting words! Happy weekend <3 xx Rena

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