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Hey guys, we are so done with 1/12 of 2015. Not sure if it is adulthood or someone’s playing with the time. Hence it makes me treasure those crazy times with my friends even more. Memories usually fail us when we get older; I could barely remember much about my secondary school days although it seems like yesterday.

I’m glad that I’m able to capture those great moments. Come to think of it, we should all appreciate cameras. When I was younger, we used to take photos using cameras with film. But since the era of smartphones, which incorporate cameras, we've ditched the analog camera. Picking smartphones over cameras means we no longer print out photos.

Everything is so digitalized these days it’s no wonder people are forgetting 4R photographs. I’m glad I am in the generation where my parents still print our baby photos out. (Probably the last generation as well)
But recently there has been a trend of printing out photos. I think this old school approach is great because you don’t need to worry about not backing up your iCloud and access to your precious moments is not depended on battery life. 

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Pixaroll has been providing this service, turning phone photos to actual photos, since 2012. Not just photos, but they can turn your phone photos into stickers, magnets and even stamps. They also have an app so to make ordering easier, which is available for in App Store and Play Store

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PixaRoll sent over some photos in January and I was quite happy with quality. They are able to print in both matte and glossy; personally, I prefer glossy for they make a great addition to photo albums. But since mine are stickers, I was thinking of pasting them in my planner to beautify my plain-looking planner.  

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Currently PixaRoll has a Valentine’s Day promotion, just key in ‘VD15’ to get 15% off. No idea what to get for your partner? Try printing out all the selfies you guys took together over the past months/ years, I’m sure your partner will be touched. It’s cute, sweet and something different. What’s more to Valentine’s Day than to celebrate and appreciate your partner? Creating a photo album screams ‘I APPRECIATE YOU’ more than just roses and fancy dinner. 

xo, A

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  1. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog love! Such a cute idea xx


  2. Really appreciate your inspiring blog <3


  3. Oh this is awesome! Thanks for sharing the link. I have so many photos to print!! I will go check them out now!

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