Ad: Street Directory App, Offers Near You: J-Story @ East Point

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Hello readers. I think I have mentioned this a year ago; Street Directory has an app that enables you to find great offers around you. I have downloaded the app for a long while but never had a chance to use it. SD told me that there was this deal over at Simei that I could try the app out.

I went over after my work to try it out. It was a simple app indeed. All you need to do is to find the deal you want, email the offer to your email address and show it to the store people. SD has collaborated with a lot of different stores from spas to restaurants.

So this round I tried the app on a Korean food store called ‘J-Story’. It has a popular porridge that I tried that day. They also served hot pot and others as well. They provide free-flow of kimchi, cucumbers and seaweed soup.

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The Korean abalone porridge (SGD12.90) has a 20% off through SD offer. The porridge smelled great, but I find it a little too oily and watery. I prefer a less watery based porridge; hence I didn’t really enjoy this much. I feel like I drank too much water for dinner instead. Hence I was quite glad they served free-flow of kimchi and cucumbers. However, the kimchi was too spicy for my taste; hence I ended up drinking more water. By the end of the meal I was too bloated for my own good. There were some abalone bits, of course, for the price we were paying- they wouldn’t give you actual big abalone. Although I’d still say it was still a little too pricy for my taste, even after the discount. 

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Not sure if I would ever visit J-Story in near future since the place was quite far to go from my end and the food wasn’t very satisfying. But it is convenient for people staying nearby. I saw quite an amount of people in their home clothes in the store. The app, on the other hand, was easy to manage. I would use the app to try out other food places in the future.

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