Angelus Waldorf's 21st Birthday

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Hello wild bunnies! As promised, my 21st birthday party in full details below. It was a really rush party planning. I decided not to have a celebration, but my friends convinced me to do a party. In fact I held the party for them. I wanted something super low-key, like reading a book and sipping red wine on my birthday. But I knew my friends well and I was sure they would prefer me to not be alone on my birthday. It was really sweet of them.

I decided on holding the party on the week of my birthday itself. I shortlisted a few hotels and contacted them for the rates on Sunday night and finally decided on Orchard Parade Hotel. Following day I began searching for bakery for my cupcakes and cake. It was fruitless as most bakeries refused to take my order, insisting that it was too last minute. Then I created a guest list, and I was afraid of having too big of a party. I wanted something low-key. At the age of 21, I realized that I do not like throwing big fancy parties. I do not mind attending fancy parties. There were many other people I did not invite in the end. I invite those few people who matter and my family. Those people who I still contact with occasionally. There were many people I ceased talking to. 



On the day itself I’ve had two crises. 3 actually, but they were personal crises. First my luggage locked and wouldn’t unlock. I was super annoyed and we ended up calling the hotel for help. They sent an Engineer up to force open the lock. Goodbye lock, who asked you to fuck it up. Second one was because my dress was too loose and my mom sewed it up for me, however she forgot that I have to wear it in and she sewed it shut. But lucky I teared open and got my mom to bring a safety pin instead. Last crisis was not very serious, it was just that I was rushing back for the party and it started raining. I was unable to walk under the rain as my hair was newly curled, and the taxi stand queue was too darn long. But witty I was able to get a cab without paying anything extra. 


A very big thank you to J7 Image for styling my hair for my birthday, quote ‘Angelus’ to enjoy benefits at J7 Image. Thank you Xue Ting for co-planning the party and the lovely cupcakes! Also thank you ALLcoholic for the yummy jello. 




My hairstyle was sort of inspired from Caroline Forbes from Vampire Diaries. Since my ideal party was classy and low-key, I wanted my hair to look simple yet chic. It was not very fanciful, but still very pretty. The curls were lovely, and they lasted longer than I expected. 




My dress was very simple as well. My party theme was white gold; however as expected, not many people take gold into consideration. Thus my party looked like PAP election, for they were all in white. My heels were in white and gold, and as the birthday girl I’d purposely dressed in black to stand out from the rest. Subtle attention, real classy move we've got there. My dress looked really simple from the back, but it was a bareback dress. I remembered back when I was 16, there were few students dressed in bareback. I did not have a bareback dress until I am 21. Wow. Anyways, thanks Gautam for the mini-shoot at the lobby. It was too crowded in there, but it was too dark outside. We ended up having too little photos to pick from. 

Thanks Nana for designing the banner, almost couldn't find A1 size prints on that very day. I must add that in to the crises too. 

Thankfully more than half of my friends were late, so the party started late. But bad thing was my stubborn hair beginning to turn straight as if it was Cinderella’s true nature calling. But J7 team was great; my curls were still wavy till midnight. 

Donovan was one of them who helped out with my decorations, thanks a lot!

XT sister was too shy to take photo with me. However she said I did not ask her for photo. Please sister, the evidence of your shyness is here. 

Feat my favorite nephew who just wanted all my cakes all night long


It was really unbelievable that a DSLR could produce such a low quality photo. However, this is the only low quality photo that I actually liked. It gives off a very vintage feel, and I like that.

The camera wasn't mine, and my boys did not even know how to use it. I ended up receiving 203 photos but only 30 photos could pass the mark, barely. I’d believe my iPhone could surpass the quality of that camera. Plus the camera was not very user-friendly too. My boys took three-quarter of test shots and they sent it all to me, genius. I was quite upset after I realized most of the photos were horribly taken. The photos here have already been filtered out, but you can clearly see some of the photos, or rather most, are blurry and/ or in terrible lighting. The room itself was too yellow as well. 



The problem with being the oldest among my friends: I am the lab rat. I did researches and I was panicking if anything screws up. Plus, with my personality it gets worse. Everything must be perfect.
My cake was from CremeMaison. They were willing to take a super last minute order, but my cake wasn't too difficult to make. I saw some YouTube tutorials on my cake; it took them less than 15 minutes to decorate the cake. Thus I was quite unsure why as to other bakeries refusing to take my order.

I wanted to sing k, but I guess most of them were pretty tired after, so we ended up playing card games and chit chatting the night away. Anyways it was great too; we sang k during XT’s birthday instead. 


With Donovan, and this photo happened to be the best photo. Look like club photo as well. No?

Nephew distracted Freyja when I was trying to take photo with her. 

Thanks XT for the cupcakes!


Apparently my friends love buying presents from Sephora. I received a lot of gifts from Sephora. Or perhaps they feel that I was someone who shops at Sephora. Ironically I have never purchase anything from there before. It was a pretty relaxing night, and I was quite comfortable during the entire party. I guess it was because I knew all of them; it makes conversations easier and easier in playing host. Brendon and Glen made it easier playing host as they handled most of the stuffs for me, i.e. singing birthday song and cake distribution. 

“Is the camera ready yet boys?”

With the lovely Sin Yi- sad that you went off quite early, but still thank you for coming down and I love the present as well!



With Nana and Jes

With all my beautiful ladies/ great sisters

With Glen, my favorite dance partner hahaha

The awkward trio

With Gabby, aka ‘silent photographer’ who ended up taking black photos HAHAHA gosh, why are you so tall!!

With Gautam and his date, Freyja the pussy. I swear Freyja stole my limelight most of the time, and that she still hates me. I still can’t believe you still bend down when I already wore platform heels. 

With my wifey Kelvin, and he caressed my bare back, twice! My back never felt so violated. LOL

With my Poly friends, and Joanne who was late and missed the photo taking. 

With my BFF, longest friendship ever. Thanks for being a real troll on my birthday gift, but that iPad box really didn’t get me at all. Nice try.

With my best of the best clique, without you guys the party wouldn't be successful. Without you guys, my life wouldn't be just as fun. Without you guys, I wouldn't know who to call to sing k and eat buffets. Really appreciate all the help and efforts you guys put in ensuring my birthday didn't screw up. 

Sister, don’t even try to tip toe. Just let the birthday girl be taller than you. Just once. Not sure why Don has a fake mustache when he already has the real one. 

Classic cake cutting pose

Group shot failed, clearly. But that was the only photo I have got. 

BFF playing host while I cling onto him… and Kelvin photobombed. 

Anyways, I did not want to spend too much on getting myself drunk, so I got wine instead. Stay classy, that’s the way I want to be. But my friends are not fancy wine people so they did not drink much.


Classic Ellen DeGeneres selfie 

I’m really thankful for everyone who showed up. I think most people I invited showed up, which was a really great feeling. I've had a bad thought of no one showing up at my party. But I told myself if no one shows up, I still have my best friends there for me, and my family. I would treat it as a staycation as well.

I slept for an hour unintentionally, got woken up by XT and went down for breakfast. Their breakfast was great, but I was feeling a little unwell so I couldn't eat much. I guess it must be my wine. I couldn't take too chilled wine. 

It was a low-key birthday celebration, the way I wanted it. I remembered on my 19th birthday I was being a whiny little princess. “It’s my birthday today, so you better come… so you better do this and that…”  But this year was completely different. One of my friends almost couldn't come and I told my friends. One was like, “but it’s your birthday!” I beg to differ, because there is no point in being whiny and throwing fits. Because at the end of the day if one couldn't come, being whiny is going to spoil the party and your mood. I take it with an open heart. If one couldn't make it then so be it. I’d rather focus on people who attend my party rather than sulking or crying over one who couldn't make it. I guess I've matured a lot, or that I could barely care about my birthday.

I am ending off my 21st birthday post with greatest love and appreciation to those who wished me and attended my birthday. Also super big thank you to my mom for the food preparation, I know I am the only child that create bullshit like this and other nonsensical events and made you panic over. 


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