At This Moment / March + April

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Hello everyone! I was away for the entire month of March. March was a very busy month for me. I met new people and started hanging out more often than usual. My homebody being cringes at that thought of going out, but I know I would need to get out of that comfort zone at times.

Yes, did I mentioned one of the reasons I hate going out is because of the endless outflow of money? I spent way more than I should last month. My very realistic friends told me the amount of money I spent could have easily gotten myself a new MacBook or a DSLR. I know, thanks for that reality slap. Le cries.

I still haven’t converted my raw photos taken from my birthday to JPEG. I have no freaking idea why did my friends decided to shoot raw photos. The lighting was terrible, the camera was terrible and they were terrible too. Ha, but I know you guys tried. Still…

At This Moment / March + April

For this series, instead of telling you my current moment- I will be sharing you from the start of March till today, 4th April.

Listening to:
Recently I have been listening to nonstop compiled music on YouTube. Just YouTube ‘80s Love Songs’ and those are the songs I have been listening. Call me old fashion, but I love oldies. I have been listening to a lot of Michael Bublé songs as well.

I feel super guilty for I have not been reading. Not even blogs that I have been following. However, I managed to dig out some old books. I hope I could start my maze runner soon. I have been going out too often that I have barely any time for reading.

I used a week to plan my birthday, which was very self-respecting in all ways. I deserved the upmost highest five of all fives. Then I helped my BFF’s dating partner to plan a surprise 21st for her as well. Upcoming up is another of my BFF’s birthday. I must say I’ve never been so broke for a long while. The last time was when some bastard stole my bag along with my entire month’s salary in club. Never forget.

People- for the first time in a long while that I truly enjoyed human interactions and their company. Though I would still want to crawl back into my tiny hole of comfort, I feel I have been opening up to people. I have been meeting my friends a lot this month and it feels great to catch up. But I still cringe at every small talks and fancy Nancy chit chatting.

A mixture of emotions lately- my confused heart and brain couldn’t manage anything at all. Just last night I couldn’t fall asleep as I went cray mode listening to this particular man crush singing videos. Guys who can sing are truly talents; they could easily swipe any girls off their feet.
Besides that, my heart is still quite confused for I’m unsure which course to go to. I have narrowed it down to either communications or accountancy. But these two are very different from each other. One might suit me and another might be a murder for me. Still very unsure about my own future, but I have been asking around for more information. I also realized most people just jump into places they want to go without researching. Then after realizing that was not what they want, they have had spent money, time and energy on it.

More personal time, as much as I’d beginning to open up with going out and about, I still prefer time alone. I prefer staying home or visiting friend’s place than going out to town full of people. Oh, and after being 1 year of OL, I truly understand why OL love to go overseas. My mom never get it, she insisted it is a bad habit and a waste of money. But imagine you are working almost every single day, staring at the same shit all over again. Of course people would prefer to get out of this place for a little while. I am dying to travel as well. There are many places I wanted to go but never have the chance.

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  1. I prefer time alone too! Just time to stress release. It's totally needed. / creative + lifestyle blog

    1. Yeah, that alone without human interaction. Looks like we're similar :)

  2. But I think it was good that you was out last month more often than usual ... although I agree that this can be so expensive. Please don't cry due to this reason - be happy about what you have experienced! Wish you a wonderful April!
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
    International Giveaway: Zatchels Bag as Thank-You for the Supporter of my Hobby

    1. You're right, more experienced I guess. Though I'd rather spend on reading or picking up new skills. Have a great month too! xo

  3. Such a great sharing dear...

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