Food Tasting: The Pecking Order x The Entertainer

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A few days back, I was invited by The Entertainer Singapore to have a little food tasting session over at The Pecking Order.

The Pecking Order is a small cozy café hidden in an alleyway in CBD area. It is great for office-goers, and it is great for hipsters as well. It is a café by day and bar by night. Their evening menu focuses more on small-plates with French & Italian influence. They also have a daily happy hour of S5 half-pints, $6 wines and $8 prosecco till 8PM.

I was welcomed by Rachel and she told me all about The Entertainer Singapore.

Who or what is The Entertainer Singapore? The Entertainer Singapore (TES) is a company that offers an app on buy-one-get-one-free deals, which includes restaurants, bars, informal dining, spas, activities, attractions and more. It also offers you to stay a night extra in offered hotels across Asia and beyond.  The app also records the amount you save each time you use an offer. The app is super user-friendly and flexible. It allows you to go back to all of the participating restaurants, spas and activities up to 3 times and enjoy buy-1-get-1-free offers each time. Or you can use all 3 times at once for a party of 6 or more. Plus, it doesn’t require advance booking. (Except for hotel stays) You can just show them the app on your mobile when request for bill. The app retails at SGD75, but it is so worth the buy if you use it all the time, and in a year you get to save so much more than just $75.

The Entertainer is offering an early bird price (S$60, UP S$75) on the app. For a further 10% discount, use promo code “2015ALVIN” when you check out.


I was then served a gin x grape juice cocktail by one of the waiters. I was impressed by the courtesy and professionalism of the waiting staff.


The first dish was Burnt Aubergine with piment d’espelette &fried garlic (SGD10). It was a cold dish and it tasted just fine. It looked slightly oily. The savor tasted a little raw though. The second dish was Roasted potatoes with blue cheese, black truffle & chives (SGD12). I think roasted potatoes are healthier than fried potatoes. Because of the truffle, it seems pretty unique compared to normal toasted potatoes. The blue cheese was not very strong and I didn’t really taste it at all.

IMG_4638 IMG_4643 IMG_4642 

Next few were seafood dishes. The first seafood dish was Mussels escabeche with shaved fennels, garlic toasts (SGD12). It is a very simple dish, the mussels tasted normal and the garlic toasts did not have a strong garlic taste, and the toasts were not too hard to bite. The second seafood dish was Oyster & prawn fritters, avocado crema (SGD12). I really like this plate a lot, for it did not taste like fried food. The crunchiness of the fried food was there, but not too strong or hard to bite. The avocado cream went well with it as well. In fact it adds to the flavor. The third seafood dish was Salt cod fritter with anchovy aioli (SGD10). It was one of my favorite as well. Like the previous dish, it was not deep fried, and the insides were soft and flavorful. The next seafood dish was pressed sandwich of sea urchin & coppa ham SGD18). I find the ham too thin, but the smell of the sea urchin was strong. I kind of like the smell of seafood, so I was okay with it. Some people may dislike it because of the strong smell. The last seafood dish was the Sea tiger prawns with crustacean butter & seaweed sauce (SGD 16)

IMG_4641 IMG_4646 IMG_4658 IMG_4668 

The Pecking order also has a marvelous selection of vegetable dishes. First dish served was the Shishito Peppers with Smoked Sea Salt – think barbecued green chilies. Rather than a dish I feel the spicy – bitter - salty taste made a good condiment to the rest of the dishes. If you find them too spicy you can discard the seeds and just eat the skin. Next dish served was a baked dish of Cauliflower, Scamorza Cheese & Romesco Sauce. The dish was excellently made – the cauliflower was cooked just enough and the cheese was stringy (like mozzarella). However, I found the sauce slightly lacking in quantity and spice. The Next dish was the Mushrooms with Fresh Herbs & Coddled Eggs. The Mushrooms were quite nice, but the eggs were truly well done – the white was soft but firm and the yellow was evenly runny. Together with the mushrooms, it made a perfect combination – a recommended dish. Next up were the Baby Carrots with Brown Butter & Honey Comb. The carrots are another recommended dish – sweet and tender, they were not oily even though they were cooked with butter. The honey comb on top was a nice touch. 

IMG_4650 IMG_4653 IMG_4671 IMG_4666 

The meat dishes served were spectacular, I’d enjoy it most. The first dish- Braised lamb ribs, carrot mash & gremolata (SGD 24) was delicious. Usually when we talk about lamb, they give off a smell that often people would dislike. Pecking Order did a good job in removing the smell, and the carrot mash went good with the lamb ribs. The meat was not too dry or hard to chew. Grilled Kurobuta pork jowl with honey & soy, red cabbage (SGD 22) was a little too salty, for overall tasted great. The honey blended well with the meat, giving both sweet and salty taste. Last meat dish was Wagyu hanger steak, red pepper “chimmichurri” & Portobello (SGD 28) - basically Portobello mushroom goes well with everything and the beef was fresh as well. 

IMG_4676 IMG_4686 IMG_4693 

To end this delicious meal, dessert was served – Chocolate & salted egg custard lava cake, vanilla ice cream (SGD 10). The dish was done perfectly – the cake was nice and moist and when it was opened the custard came oozing right out – but not too liquid. I was expecting more custard to ooze out, but it still tasted great. 

IMG_4698 IMG_4703 

The Pecking Order has a great ambience, with nice pictures hang on the walls. It may or may not be crowded during the night. It was slightly noisier that night for there were other invited bloggers. I do hope it would be quieter on other days.

The place is quite dark, so it might not be a good place for photo taking. If you want to take photos, do make sure to have your own light source. The cell phone reception was terrible; I couldn’t connect to Internet and make any phone calls.

Would I go back again? Sure, it is a great place for a date/ after work fancy dinner date. Not only you enjoy the great food, you can also make sure to get 100% attention from your date since the cell phone reception isn’t strong. There- go make full use of that.

The Pecking Order, as well as sister establishments The Merry Men Kitchen + Bar and The Mad Men Attic Bar, are three of more than 750 merchants offering 1-for-1 deals with the Entertainer. If you’ve checked out The Pecking Order offers on your Entertainer app, you’ll find that it’s offering 1-for-1 for Main Menu items. The director, Shawn, has confirmed that every item on both the Lunch and Dinner menus are applicable for redemption with the Entertainer’s vouchers.

The Pecking Order
13 North Canal Road #01-01
Singapore 048824


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