The day I deactivated my ask fm.

by - 3:20 AM

I was one of the pioneer batch of users for ask fm. Around 2 years ago I joined this website - it was gaining popularity and was trendy for youngsters to join the site at that time. It seemed harmless and fun at first, but who knew the Internet has the power to turn a harmless website into a terrible place for trolls and haters to live. I created an account on Ask fm merely because I was bored. Back then, not many people were using this site, hence the only questions asked were by my friends. It was funny because they tried to hide their identity to ask stupid questions, or questions with inside jokes. It was nothing but an obvious prank. Soon after, I decided to post it in my blog.
I thought it would be a great idea for people to post questions asking nothing but my opinions on different topics, to engage in a deep conversation, or to help them with any burning questions. My actions were steered by the thoughts of Ask FM being a great communication platform and a way for me to helping others. It wasn't so much of attention seeking, because I wasn't too upset when no one sent me questions. 

Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time before it became a cave for all the trolls and haters to dwell in. It became a place for trolls and haters because they could anonymously - the identity of the trolls could be kept secret. One by one, people started sending mean comments and hateful remarks. I understand the mind of a troll. Truth to be told, I was once an Internet troll myself. I wouldn't say I was really a hater, because I did not dislike the people. It was because of the hidden identity, it gives people the power to say hurtful comments without getting caught. 

It is stupid because it begins with haters and ends with trolls. Haters spammed hateful remarks, and the Internet trolls find it amusing, thus join in the hateful trolling. Not just trolls and haters, people with no sense of decency began to send weird and creepy questions. They try to invade your privacy and make you feel insecure. People began asking about body measurements, private life, and other weird stuff. There are girls who do not understand privacy, but instead choose attention and fame. Hence, they reveal their personal information. Yes they gain popularity, but fame does not long, impression do. Years after, you might not be that popular kid online, but people would still remember you as the girl who gave too much information about your private life.

Back to my case, people began asking about my love life, commenting on my then-love interest, and giving me hateful comments for every choice I made in my life. I always believe that there are things we can share on the Internet, and there are things we keep to ourselves. That is why I still keep a written diary despite having a blog. I also believe not everything you put up online will interest people as well; hence there is no need to flood everyone with trivial or personal matters. I was an unfortunate one. I know that. I have seen people on that website getting great and lovely comments. I’d say the Internet loves pretty person, and I cannot change how I look and fake a persona to make the Internet love me. Accept me for who I am. That is something I learned and still trying to adapt to my daily life.

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  2. Then delete your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace and all of that too because they all have trolls too.

    Go ahead....right now....dejete your Facebook and actually talk to your "friends" IRL....yeah; didn't think so.

    You're just picking and choosing where to see the trolls and bullies.

    If you want to minimise the amount of bullies and trolls then perhaps stop using the Internet in general.

    I've got a funny reeling your other social networking profiles will still be up; the hypocrisy is strong in this one.

    1. You seems dense. This is my entry on why AskFM is toxic for me, as an user. Different people have different user experience, I'm sharing my experience on my blog. It's "THE DAY I DEACTIVATED MY ASK FM." not the day you or other people deleted ASKFM.

      I still keep my Facebook open as I have overseas friends and I love watching viral cat videos etc that my friends share. I still have my Twitter because I use it to follow DOTA players and other news. I don't update my Instagram much. And who the fuck still uses MySpace? LOL

      Plus I have decent user experience when using these social media platforms, just not for ASKFM.

      In addition, I talked about the importance of privacy. I see many anonymous trolls asking sick questions on ASKFM. Whereas other social platforms require you to create an account and post with your name on it. No one is gonna help you track the IP address and the police don't attend to these cyber bullying issues.

      I'm not picking where to see trolls, I'm sharing my experience about the site I experienced bullies and trolls, on ASKFM.

      I minimized the amount by making GOOD life choices, by deactivating my ASKFM account, cut away from toxic people and community.

      I see you've quick to judge my entry without understanding the author's pov. Hence your opinion is invalid and no hypocrisy is found in this article.

      Feel free to engage in debut with me if you think you're right.