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If you watch any modeling competitions, you will notice how stressed models feel prior to their appearance on set. If you watch modeling  shows - Asia’s Next Top Model is worth watching - you'll notice what a tough life models live.  Asia’s Next Top Model shows women around Asia-Pacific region competing for a chance to have a career in the modeling industry.

Since we are on the topic of modeling, have you ever wanted to a model? It doesn't matter if you are a man or woman, have that thought ever occur to you?

On the exterior modeling looked like a glamorous job. A job for the best figures, height and faces, earn a lot of money by posing here and there. Of course every job has pros and cons, even modeling. But somehow we also do not see it, especially when we are looking at their photos over the magazines or internet.

I don't know about you, but personally I do follow a couple of freelance models on Instagram. I followed a lot of local famous freelance models who blogs, are blogshop models and do a lot of other fancy things. And sometimes it's because you're always looking at the perfectly taken photos, you forgot that their lives are not as perfect as you think they are.

There are models who shared their work experience in the field and the horrors of modeling, but we always brushed them off thinking they are all 'first world problem'. Modeling, like any other jobs, is tedious. Just like how most Singaporeans think being a Blogger is so easy, write and post shitty photos and demand for sponsors. (It doesn't work this way hunneh)

There are many categories in modeling itself. There are runways, photoshoots and more. A minimum height for runway is 5"10 in America, which is super crazy just to think about it. Of course, I'm just 5" so they all looked like giants to me; and they prefer flat chested models.

Also, not all models earn a lot of money. Usually like any other freelance job, you start building portfolio which means you either get very little or no pay at all. Also, creative shoots don't pay much.

I think modeling has negative side effects on your self-esteem. I'm sure there are people who force them to stick to strict diets, controlling their weight gain or lose. Sometimes they might even overlooked their models as human beings and treat them like an object instead. It does mess with their head, body image and self-esteem especially if the models feel insecure. Hence we always see issues surrounding mental and eating disorder in this industry.

There are many Instagram models, and many of us "commoners" are beginning to take glamour shots as well on our Instagram with #OOTD. Fake it till you make it, they say. Usually models always give advice to look at magazines and copy their poses and foreign postures, as well as seek inspiration for outfits.

Zalora happens to be one of the main clothing sponsors for this cycle of Asia’s Next Top Model Season 3. There were many pretty clothing featured in this cycle. The first episode already showed first round winner receiving a set of clothes from Zalora. They also invited Zalora’s director to give advices to contestants at episode 6 ‘The Girl Who Ran Out of Luck’.

You can check out the clothes the models wore and other fashion apparels on Zalora. They offers free delivery above $40 and 30 days free returns. Zalora has been super huge in Singapore, opening many physical outlets. Under their Asia’s Next Top Model section, it has been categorized into episodes so it is way easier to find the outfits you are looking for. You also stand a chance to win a shopping spree worth $500.

I really respect these young women who took part in the competition. Besides having to find the judges, they have to face the fact that putting their face and body out there for audiences to judge as well. There are many other beauty/ modeling competitions whereby contestants get judged so badly, they dropped out because they were unable to handle the stress and criticism.

Hence why I think no job is ever easy. Some of us look at doctors thinking all they need to do is just examine patients and write some words people could hardly read and that’s all. Some look at bloggers thinking all they ever do are just going to events, take nice photos and write some crap. Especially to freelancers, be it in photography or writing field, with no strong connections, it is ever hardly to make a living. There are many more aspects into modeling industry that I surely have not state. I am not a model so it’s impossible to know more, but sometimes we try to see from their perspective and we will notice it is not easy for anyone.

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