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Taken after the perming session

Hello bunnies! Comb Salon invited some bloggers, including me, over for a hair pampering service. Comb Salon is located in the CBD area, between Chinatown and Raffles Place. Although you might have to walk a little, it’s quite a convenient place to go and almost next door to Amoy Street, which has great food. It is quite near my workplace, but because I end late I was unable to visit it after working hours. Parking seems to be okay if you visit over the weekends. Comb Salon provides standard services as well as magazines, coffee & tea and biscuits to keep you entertained while your hair is being done. 

IMG_4968 IMG_4977 

The lady in charge of my hair was Bella Son. We exchanged greetings and after a few minutes of consultation, she suggested perming my hair. I was skeptical at first, knowing my own hair condition, afraid that the curls would not stay curl. I talked about it before on my other hair-related posts on how my hair has a very straight nature and temporary curls would only last for an hour. I was able to get my temporary curls overnight once during my birthday. However, temporary curls are quite different from actual perm. Hence I agreed to go ahead with Bella’s perming service. I wanted a slight perm with the ends curled in round, however Bella suggested it would be much natural to do more curls at the bottom.

After little chit-chat with Bella, I understood she was a Korean. We did not converse much as her English was not good. Her assistant was a sweet little Korean girl as well. I did not talk much to her for she couldn't understand what I was saying, but I managed to get her age. She was very young, fresh out from a Korean beauty school. At the age of twenty-something, she travelled to Singapore for her first job. She was unable to provide me with head massage while washing my hair, but she said she might provide the next time I visit Comb. 

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The perming service took about 3 hours, and my hair was heated for less than an hour. However, I was surprised that after washing off the chemicals, my hair still looked curl. Once the service was done, while I went to grab my dinner, I was quite afraid that it would be gone. However, it did stay -although it was not as curled as I expected it to be. I just hope it would last.

During the process I asked Bella how long would my curls last, and she said they would last about 4-5 weeks. I thought it was quite short for perming. My mom’s perm lasted over a year and was still wavy. My sister’s curls lasted for half a year, I think. Plus my sister has been rebonding her hair for the last decade, and her curls still lasted for months. 

IMG_5024 IMG_5032 IMG_5047 IMG_5043 

As told, I did not wash my hair for 2 days (Sunday and Monday). My colleague saw my new hair on Monday and she complimented my hair, saying curls looked good on me, very refreshing. I washed it on Tuesday, and my hair began to straighten. By Thursday, my colleague asked me why I did not curl my hair to work. She thought the whole time I was doing temporary curls on my hair! Anyways, I did do some damage control on my perm as well. I rolled them up every night, and mornings before I go to work. By the second hair wash, my hair was straight. My perm hair only lasted less than a week. If you count wavy hair, then my perm hair lasted for a week. Right now as I am writing, my hair is back to my previous state, only it looked more like bed hair instead of straight hair. 

This is my honest opinion about the salon, thus if you ever intend to visit Comb Salon, you can take into consideration of my little review today. Comb Salon, they provide rebonding, perm, magic setting, and hair manicure.

Comb Salon has an ongoing promotion currently, as an opening special:
Roots Touch Up + Cut for SGD100
2-Touch Up Color + Cut for SGD150
Digital Perm + Cut for SGD200
Rebonding + Cut for SGD200
Hair Treatment for SGD80


Comb Salon
12 Gemmil Lane, Singapore 069252

Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer

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  1. What a great experience!!! I love what they did with your hair, you look absolutely stunning with those soft curls :)


    1. Thank you Milu, sadly it only lasted 4 days and my hair got very dry afterwards. :(

  2. Wow! You must have spent such a great time there! Lucky girl ! ♥


    1. I wish I did, it was quite a rush job. I didn't get a head massage which was something I always look forward to in a salon. xo

  3. I like the result and you did it right to coddle you <3
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  4. This was an awesome read!! Great idea for an article <3

  5. Very nice result ♥♥