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It is already the start of June and I realized I have not posted up my ATM post of the month for May. Time seems to move too fast, especially when you are on a certain routine. For me, it has always been work, catch up with blogging, dramas, and friends, and sleep. Rarely have the time to pick up new skills, read more books and implement some awesome travel plans or think about tomorrow. I am terrible with plans, as much as I rely too much on them. I suck at planning; ask me what is my 5-years plan when I can’t get pass my next week’s schedule.

To keep an update with you guys, my laptop declared his death over the weeks. I am unable to do much writings for I do not have a physical gadget. I’m very old-school, so I’d need a laptop or desktop to do most of my work. I’ve tried to use tablet to do my projects when I was in Poly because I was lazy to bring my laptop. But instead of being useful, the tablet served no purpose at all. I ended up selling it away before the tablet depreciated more. Hence I’m writing my blog posts on my Google Drive now since there are no better way to do my writings.

I was quite upset for I did not back up any of my images and programs. My poor Photoshop is still swimming within my dead laptop. Anyone could recommend few laptop models? I want to get a new laptop soon. I don’t see a life without a laptop. Yes, first world problem.

At This Moment / May

Listening to:
Photograph By Ed Sheeran, I see Fire by Ed Sheeran (Still listening to his album), Don’t Dream it’s Over by Crowded House.

I used to listen to Don’t Dream it’s Over, but I started listening once again after Miley covered it. I love Miley’s cover with Ariana. I prefer Miley’s unique voice, but Ariana has great vocals too. Miley was so nice to let Ariana sang most of the parts, but I wish she could cover it once more alone.

But this month’s top two favorite would be Hunger by Ross Copperman and Dance me to the End of Love by The Civil Wars. I chanced upon these two songs from TVD and I couldn’t stop myself from hitting replay button. I love how The Civil Wars covers great songs and make them even better. I mean I love Leonard Cohen’s original cover as well, but this rendition is too nice to not love. I am so adding that as my wedding song, that’s if I ever get married. Chill Acoustic is the best, IMO. It slows down your pace and relaxes you. I fall in love with Sam Smith’s voice all over again whenever I listen to I’m Not the Only One. Oh, and if you watch Jimmy Fallon’s show, he and Jack Black covered More than Words by Extreme. I used to think it was Westlife who sang that.

I have been reading blogs frequently these days. I love Jemmawei blog, I’m not sure why but something about her writing keeps me reading. Career Girl Daily and Hellogiggles are great too.

No plans at all, which is why my life is in a mess right now. I just have vague ideas of going overseas, but I have yet to breakdown the budgeting and checking out the hotels and air tickets. But I guess the itinerary is quite complete, I hope.  

Recently I have been in the shopping mood, spending more than usual. Shopping online is the best, for you can always get vouchers codes and deals. Currently I am looking into ShopBack voucher codes for my travels. As I wrote above, I want to start planning some budgeting for my travels. The best budget is to hurry save up more and increase your budget, and find cheap deals and promotion. As much as I want to go during the workdays and non-public holidays, I need those holidays to extend my trip. Hence it will already be slightly more expensive. So I checked out ShopBack, which has some decent travel deals such as Expedia discount codes and Agoda promotion deals. I got very tempted to grab the Staycation with up to 18% off with Expedia. They also have a mid-year sale, hotels for $59.

Little sick. Weather has been taunting me as usual. Plus feeling a little depressive again, probably because of the alcohol I drank last night during a blogger event. Push-and-pull factors, if I don’t drink I cannot talk to people because I’m too awkward and antisocial. But if I drink, the inner depressive self would creep out after that. I think I’ll need to wait for many months before touching alcohol again. They say alcohol only acts as a tool to heighten something you feel inside. Thus why some people get angry after they drink. While some cry and some dance.

A new laptop of course! There is nothing more I want but a new laptop. I was thinking of Aftershock, Lenovo or Asus. Lenovo because it was my first laptop and it lasted me till days ago. Aftershock for it has good specs and gaming laptop. However I don’t game. Still, gaming laptops have great specs. At least better than other common laptops. Plus Aftershock is cheaper compared to Alienware and Razer right? Oh right, I just saw ShopBack having the PC Show 2015 deals as well, maybe I can see if there are any good deals there too.

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